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Two Tunnels

As it stands, Pennsylvania has enough to paranormal activity to fill a never ending book of other worldly pleasures and delights. There have been lots of investigators that have visited the boundaries of the Keystone State, in search of answers and communication from another realm. Pennsylvania boasts a plethora of so-called paranormal research societies. However, most of them have gone mainstream to make a buck. Others are outsiders and don't really know the terrain and the legends. Who better than locals to gather all the details? Why, us, of course. We are the real deal, not sold out for fame, authentic, and local. These are our experiences.

Controversy swirls through the two tunnels that we investigated in Downingtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The site of the two tunnels, which run through the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, stretches on for a few hundred feet. About halfway through the tunnel, shafts are located that run up to the top of the hill to provide ventilation and sunlight. It is in these shafts that many have encountered paranormal experiences.

One tale tells of a disparaged woman, who after having a child out of wedlock was run out of town. Overcome with despair, she hung herself in the shaft while holding her newborn child. The child, in turn, fell to its death in the tunnel.

Another account tells of a man who hung himself in the wires that run through the tunnel. Local lore insists that if you turn your lights off and roll down your windows on a dark night, you will hear footsteps in the water puddles. You will also hear the sound of a noose going taught and the man falling, and swinging to his death.

However, the story of most interest to us was that of a biker gang who used ritual black magic to inhabit a woman's body. Once she was inhabited they used her body to summon legions of spirits to obtain permanent black magic abilities. Then, as if what they did wasn't heinous enough, they chopped her up into little bitty pieces and left her in the tunnel to rot.

During our trip to Bucks County, this is the crew we were after. Deedee, who you all know is a very advanced spirit medium, made sure to sanctify the place with white light, before we held a spiritual ritual. During the ritual we were able to pull up the spirit of the biker gang's victim. She gave us the key to open up the realm, in which the biker gang resided in after life. We sent them Hell, to face their judgment and relinquished the soul of their victim to enjoy her after life.

For one lucky customer, we also inhabited the power of the dark arts that was given to the biker gang. Now, we don't normally condone dark arts, but it is what it is. We will tell you this much, be careful because Karma can be a bitch. With that being said, he have cast several divinations into this piece so that way the dark power cannot take over you. This power is unrestricted in its use and will serve whatever purpose you choose to use if for. We are not responsible for any of the actions that this piece will allow you to take.

This piece is, however dark, a very powerful piece and will serve somebody's purpose. We only have one of these piece and pieces like this, believe it or not, are in high demand.