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Glyphs in New Brunswick

About the only thing that isn't a secret in New Jersey is the fact that it is full of secrets and mysteries. Kudos to the Garden State for providing the ability for us to offer you the piece that you see below. A town called New Brunswick, caught our attention. New Brunswick, itself, isn't all that happening, but it wasn't the town or the presence of an overwhelming spiritual energy that drew us this time. Rather it was a strange inscription that has yet to be translated, even in modern times.

The specific place of interest is the embankment of the Weston Mill Pond. It is the site of strange glyphs that have marveled paranormal investigators and historians alike, simply because of the inability to decipher their true meaning. This is where we traveled to, to see what we could learn-- or perhaps conjure up.

The message itself dates back to 1876, the 100 year anniversary of our nation's birth date, which is a huge milestone in our history. The carving sports the names of two people, the number 1876, and then, of course, the indecipherable glyph. We set ought from PA with the sole intention of cracking this case. We were successful in doing so, and in fact, have been able to develop the piece that you see below for one lucky customer.

It was a muggy evening in mid-July when we arrived. Upon arriving we scoped out the area and received a little bit of help from local navigation experts. However, we were eventually left to fend for ourselves and that is when we got to work.

Using Deedee's psychic abilities and the abilities that the rest of us possess, we were able to hold a spiritual calling. A spiritual calling is sort of like a séance, except much more powerful, usually involving a network of powerful mediums rather than just one or two.

During our spiritual calling we were able to pull the spirit of one M. Danbury, who was at first leery to cooperate with us. However, after awhile of pleading, and thanks to Jason's ability of spiritual coercion, we were able to get some answers.

The inscriptions are a special language that was given to Danbury in a vision. He's not sure what to call the language, however, he described it as a more modern version of the Language of the Dead. He had established a covert group of individuals with whom to share their secrets, however the group eventually withered away. If there are still members of this group, the are pretty good at keeping their secret because we weren't even able to find out, the meaning of the glyphs has never surfaced until now.

However, because you know we don't stand for mediocrity and we pushed for more. Danbury allowed us to summon the powers in the encryption and put it into the piece below. With this secret you will learn the language of spirits and angels and demons and the like. It is universal and will work. The best part about it, is with this language you will gain dominance over any archetype of existence you may encounter. You will be give authority over all beings and you command with this authority.

You will be able to use this power to further advance your medium or psychic abilities. It can also be gained to demand more power and ability from random spiritual or inter-dimensional stragglers. The possibilities are endless. The only thing set in stone is the fact that there is only one of these pieces, so you'd do well to make it yours right away... if these powers are what you desire.