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Red Rock Vortex

In terms of paranormal research, Arizona isn't always the first state on the list. However, this is a very crucial spot that is often overlooked. In fact, Arizona has a supernatural claim to fame the predates any of the Revolutionary and Civil war hotspots. It isn't a story of some forlorn ghost, or UFO sitings, or anything otherworldly. Actually, Arizona's biggest mystery lies within. Its biggest mystery is the energy that lies in the red rock that can be found there in ample supply.

Arizona is home to some of the most gorgeous scenery that can be found in the United States of America. Part of this scenery is the red rock mountains. They can be seen reaching for the sky amongst the barren desert land that comprise the area.

In these red rocks, there exists and energy. It is an energy that really is indescribably unless you can experience for yourself. It can pull you in from up to a quarter mile away. The Indians knew about it and the utilized it to their advantage. However, in modern society people's minds turn a blind eye to anything that cannot be scientifically substantiated. It takes a special person to be able to translate the power into terms that a normal beings mind can comprehend. We took a trip, and now we are able to provide you with a power that comes from the center of the Earth.

The power that emanates from the red rock will give you abilities that you have never in your life experiences. The spiritual energy that can be found in the abundance of red rock in Arizona has opened up what is known as a transcendental vortex. It is sort of like a spiritual portal, but not exactly.

You see, when one creates a transcendental vortex it allows them pull powers through from other realms. It creates a force field of spiritual energy around them that allows them to communicate with any vast amount of beings that exist around us, but cannot be comprehended by human levels of comprehension.

Comprehension is the problem. You see, all of the spiritual energy of the red rock has created a naturally invoked vortex that will never go away... unless the red rock goes away and that isn't happening any time soon. Long story short, utilization of this natural, free form energy is not utilized due to human ignorance.

What we have done for you is channel the spiritual energy into the red rock of Arizona. We have also infused this piece with a divination that will give you a spiritual comprehension. Once you bond with this piece, your mind will be elevated and your will be able to recognize the full power of your piece. You will able to use this piece for communication with other races of existence other than our own. It will create a snowball effect for you, because you will, in turn, be capable of receiving divinations and transferals from other beings.

With this being said, we have also given this thing the power of protection, so that way while you are on your journeys, you will not be attacked either physically, mentally, or spiritually. This piece will be the guide to your mind and there is not telling what can be done. Not even the sky is the limit.