What Happens in Vegas, Opens the Mind

What Happens in Vegas, Opens the Mind

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Hotel Horror Can Bring you Unique Powers~

We went on an investigation to Vegas and stayed at a hotel called South Point. We were taking a tour of the hotel. Deedee's aunt, Sue, is the front desk manager there so we got to tour around. Anyway, she was showing us the arena when it was all closed. We saw the bartender in the bar so Sue waved goodbye and he waved back. Then we ran into the security guard who was going to lock up the bar. He told the bartender to go out the back door because he was going to lock the doors; the bartender said he wouldn't be done for another hour or so.

We then passed the bar manager, she came out and asked if there was anyone inside and we told her the bartender was still in there. She went in and checked, but said she didn’t see anybody.

We all searched the bar and didn’t find anybody; so we checked the surveillance footage and we saw Sue waving goodbye to the bartender and nobody was behind the counter, then the security guard pointing to the bartender and telling him to go out the back door and still nobody was behind the counter!

Sue called the General Manager of the hotel and told him about the experience; we learned that a barkeep died a few years ago up against the back wall of the bar, he had been shot.

We were intrigued by the experience, especially because we didn't notice the fact that he was a spirit and also that Sue and the security guard saw him!

Deedee and I started to investigate the encounter; we were in Vegas for a totally different investigation... but we couldn't leave this experience go.

We felt the experience was odd and didn't pick up strong vibes from the room, at least at first. As we explored behind the bar, near the wall where the man was killed, we both got a sense of urgency near the mirror that hung over the sink.

Deedee closed her eyes and got visions of the man taking the mirror from the wall and so she said 'we need to take the mirror down!'

The mirror was a huge 4' x 6' framed feature of the bar. It was heavy and it took 4 of us to even be able to handle getting it from the wall. When the mirror was lifted we revealed a small cubby in the wall; inside the cubby we found this remarkable piece!

This item holds the spirit of Michael Vinnel, he was the bartender who was shot at killed years before. He worked there for years and was there when the mirror was first going up, he decided to place this piece inside the coop area as a time capsule type of thing.

He embarked his spirit upon the piece when he was leaving his body --- he has remained and his spirit has been seen through the imagery of the mirror --- and no one seemed to notice that he was not the 'normal' bartender on duty; they were always busy and just did a quick wave.

The piece will grant your projection abilities to showcase yourself through the realms of the Universe. You also will be able to connect with Michael and use his spirit to render secretive missions to bring you knowledge and power.

Michael was shot because of his phenom connection with a grand Sorcerer; someone believed his skills of magic were that of the devil. He is not evil and will not bring damnation to you --- rather you will be able to learn from him aspects of etymology, psychological theories of magic, and spiritual growth of the unconscious mind.

The piece is also a portal that allows those who are not sensitive to see and hear spirits when it is necessary --- this is how Sue and the guard were exposed to the vision and the guard to Michael's voice ~ this is an amazing occult piece that brings unique powers to the owner!!

This item is an original belonging of the spirit that we are providing you with. It is 18 karat gold and original vintage. This piece is a surefire way to open up your abilities or strengthen the ones you already have!! Enjoy!!