The Voodoo Brain

The Voodoo Brain

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We found this piece while doing in depth paranormal research in New Orleans. We have discovered that it had previously belonged to a French Madame who came to New Orleans to satisfy her curiosities in the art of voodoo witchcraft.

She had heard many stories of the powers one can learn while practicing voodoo, and she was so intrigued that she decided to purchase a mansion located only a few blocks away from where most of the local voodoo witch doctors had set up shop.

Once she had settled in her new home, she sought out the means to become educated in the ways of voodoo. She went to every witch doctor she could find and bought from them as much as they could give her. After the first month of living in her new home, she had already compiled a large library of voodoo tomes, full of ancient rituals, curses and spells. She spent a lot of time in her new library, reading and practicing her spells constantly.

After a year had passed she was so well practiced that she had become known by the local witch doctors as “Madame Voodoo”. Her powers were growing more every day, so much so that she could cast curses on those who mocked her without any effort at all. People who walked by her mansion complained of strange feelings of unease and fear, not having any prior knowledge to the Madame’s mystical ways.

Before long people started to catch on, and the nickname given to her by the witch doctors began to stick. Soon enough some of the locals started asking her if the stories about her were true and mocking her constantly. She retaliated with curses and spells, only to prove them right in the worst ways. Madame Voodoo was becoming too powerful, and her powers were beginning to corrupt her. Before too long the locals decided to take her on and attempt to drive her out of New Orleans.

In secret they organized a mob, and in the night they planned to attack her estate and burn it to the ground. But as was said before, Madame Voodoo was becoming too powerful, and through her powers she had learned of the attack on her home. She was greatly outnumbered and knew she could not defend herself against an entire mob, and so before the attack she planned a swift escape. But she didn’t plan on taking her powers with her, and so in her last voodoo ritual, she channeled her vast knowledge and power into this piece, as a last act of revenge against those who wanted to be rid of her and her powers forever.

Once the mob had arrived, she was already long gone, but her home still seemed to have that strange feeling hanging over it. And so her estate was burned down, along with her entire library of voodoo. Later inspection of the remains of Madame Voodoo’s estate came to the finding of this piece. It holds vast powers and knowledge, and so far we have yet to discover them all, but so far this piece has allowed us to contact the dead and help heal some common ailments. In the hands of the right person it could be used to achieve ones goals and allow them and their close ones to prosper in life. Could you be that person? Could you be the next master in the ways of voodoo? Try this piece and find out for yourself!

The piece that this Voodoo high priestess left behind has come to be known as the Voodoo Brain. It encompasses all the powers and knowledge of the high priestess. It will share, with you, all of her dark and light secrets. You will gain the distinct powers of dual Voodoo magic. This piece will encompass all parts of Voodoo spirituality and will make you a grand master practitioner of magic that Marie LaVeau couldn't even master.