Toe-curling Astral Orgasms

Toe-curling Astral Orgasms

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Guilty Pleasures~

We all have some things that we consider guilty pleasures. Some people like to eat ice cream every night; some like to shop; others have a pleasure for lust.

These items are a guilty pleasure of the staff at Haunted Curiosities. They came from Denmark and were a find of Emir's. Emir has a strong head on his shoulder, but sometimes lacks common sense; he can be a bit naive.

He was invited by a prostitute to a brothel, thinking that she was just a friendly woman offering him a dinner invitation. Once at the brothel he realized what was happening and quickly got out of the situation.

He was in a unique part of town and didn't quite no how to get back to somewhere that would be familiar to him so he went into a side shop to ask for directions.

In the shop Emir was greeted by a Fatin Witch who was able to give him directions, but first wanted to showcase her collection of pieces to him. She wanted to make a sale before giving out the information he requested.

He looked through her shop and she said 'being in this area, you must be a man with raging hormones'; Emir looked at her funny and she then pulled a piece and handed it to him. "You must buy this, it will grant you explosions of intense pleasure."

Just to get directions Emir bought the piece and then she drew up a map to help him get back to the town in which he was staying. When he got back to his hotel he was lying in bed watching T.V. when he picked up the piece and started looking at it.

He instantly felt his leg start to shake, it relaxed his whole body and made the bed act like a vibrating one. He closed his eyes and felt a rush of warmth run through him; he was aroused and eager to take care of business.

As Emir wore this piece he had a fabulous time -- emitting the best orgasm he ever experienced; even though this was an experience with himself, he enjoyed it more than his shared intimacy with others.

He knew the piece held the key to the experience and wanted to see if the woman had more. He retraced his steps, back-tracking the map she gave him and when he ended up at the store she said " I knew you would return, last night was wonderful, wasn't it?"

Emir told her that he was amazed by the power in the piece and showcased how he works with Haunted Curiosities; he didn't think her pieces were legitimate when he was there the day before, but now he knew she had amazing powerful pieces.

The witch allowed him to purchase several other sexually evoked pieces, which he sent to our staff as gifts, and the rest are now available to a few of you!

We LOVE these pieces--- they are amazing for any man or woman who wants to intensify their sexual desires, whether alone, or with a lover.

These are awesome pieces to travel with to keep yourself out of trouble, while still feeling amazingly satisfied.

You will gain toe-curling sexual energy from these evasive pieces. The vigor and strength in the orgasmic spell that was placed in these items is incredible!

Do not let these get away from you --- we all love ours and keep them with us --- the release of tension and implosion of stress relief keeps us vitalized to adhere to our crazy schedules, let them present an "ahhh" moment into your life~

These are the pieces that are left over, after we took the ones that we wanted. One of these is Sterling, the 14k gold. The orbs on the top of the ring are the orgasmic spells that were infused into these pieces. The are two different sizes. Don't worry, if these rings won't fit you (they are kind of small), you can use them on a chain or necklace. They will deliver the same intense results!! **Pictures of the Sterling ring to come shortly