William's Shaman and His Magic

William's Shaman and His Magic

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William's Bundle of Blessings

I was about 9 and had just moved in to a new house. It was in the countryside, and was beautiful; Old fashioned and big. I loved it, and so did my mom. The only thing was, my mom had rented out the big room at the top of the house, the attic room, to an old, strange man.

His name was William and he was about 88, or 89. Every day, I was sent by my mother to offer William something to eat or drink, on a tray; I hated doing this. His attic room was dark, shadowy and always silent. He didn’t have a TV, he just sat in a rocking chair, talking to his ‘friends’ all day, or singing sad songs.

When I brought in the treats, he always frowned at me, then at the tray, and said, ‘danger’ over and over again. I never understood why. Then, one day, my mom told me to bring up some homemade cookies. I nodded, picked up the tray and went up the winding stairs that let to William’s room. I knocked on the door once, but there was no answer. I knocked again, and again, but William didn’t answer. Annoyed, I pushed the door open and nearly screamed.

William was standing up, glaring at me, his eyes cold and piercing. I couldn’t move at all and couldn’t breathe. I dropped the cookies to the floor and gasped for breath. It was like he was strangling me, or like I was hanging from something. The grip around my neck was invisible but felt like a rough, tight rope. I remember vividly kicking around and trying to breathe, but failing, and then forcing myself to keep my eyes open. All this time, William was staring at me. He started laughing.

Then, I found the strength to look straight back at him. He seemed flustered, then blinked, and I fell to the floor instantly. I was only 9, and very small and weak for my age. My mom found me, unconscious, slipping in to a coma. Luckily, I was alright. William was sat up in his chair, dead.

After his body was removed, we were shaken by the incident and we never rented out the attic again. As I got older, I was scared, but curious to explore the contents of Williams' room; he had no family and so his stuff remained.

I believe I was 16 when I finally decided to go up in the attic. My friend Josh went with, in case something would happen again. I found a variety of oddities throughout the room and I started to box stuff up to remove any identity of William from the home.

As I picked up some of the pieces, I was electrically charged by them. I didn't know what was happening, but I could feel power in the items.

I was intrigued by the power in these pieces and so I kept them hidden in the corner of the attic and got rid of everything else. Once I came in contact with Deedee years back, I immediately brought the pieces to her attention. We tested them and realized that William was using Shaman power to try and heal his illness. Deedee was able to conjure Williams spirit and learned he had been sick for quite some time and knew he was near death.

He had a variety of pieces evoked to bring forth power and energy to his soul; but he was unsure of how to work with the pieces. He thought that I knew about his attempts and that is why I came about daily to interrupt him -- that is why he was not nice to me.

William realized that there was an attraction with the pieces and the tray I carried --- when I came in the day he died, he was wearing all the pieces at once and felt a charge in his body, that is when I entered and he was angered --- his rage came towards me and that is what caused me to black out; but when he saw the innocence in my eyes is when he fell to the ground. The build up of energy in his body triggered his weak heart to stop beating, causing his fatal heart attack.

The pieces all discharged from his body and landed where I later picked them up from.

The items are sourced with evictions from a Shaman healer. They will not harm you, they have been tested and we understand how to bond and work with them -- the missing pieces that William was without.

Each piece is unique and holds evasive strength to bless your life.

They all will associate phenomena in your soul while retrieving healing light upon your spirit. This healing aspect will not cure diseases, but will help to alleviate stress and relinquishment of anger and resentment that lies deep within us all.

When you get a new, clean, slate within, you are able to practice and be witness to blessings in your surrounding world.

These amazingly power packed tokens of spiritual concepts will embrace you with power and life your mind of doubt and questions that linger and haunt our lives.

The Shaman evoked these with the power to connect with the person wearing the item; so they will be more involved based on your need --- they are focused connection pieces of incredible bliss~!

The piece that you see here is the only piece that is remaining from William. The others are being held for faculty and testing purposes.