Frozen Faces and Angels

Frozen Faces and Angels

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Frozen Faces in Alabama

Let's suppose we are taking a trip. We are headed to Clark County in rural Alabama. When we get there, we take a turn down a winding dirt road that leads to a church that is scenic and original looking. It reminds me of a a scene of a post card that would welcome people to Clark County. We continue scavenging the area until we found what we were look for-- the cemetery that holds the frozen faces.

Now, it isn't exactly clear why or how the faces we're made, but it is known they were created out of stone by a name names Isaac Nettles. Other than that, not too much is known about Nettles or his frozen faces that are in the Mt. Nebo Cemetery. That was until recently, when we received reports of paranormal activity in this cemetery in Clark County. That's why we were taking our trip in the first place.

As for the real trip, when we got there, we ran several investigations in the area of the cemetery and adjacent areas of Clark County. We weren't successful in locating any spirits, in connection with the claims the locals were making. However, while we were there we also held an investigation into the origins of the frozen faces, what they were, and what they are.

The frozen faces are a gateway between our portal and another one that exists parallel to ours. The eyes are used a gateway for spirits to travel to and from their realm and our own. They are protections spirits that have been sent to look over this tiny town in Alabama. Perhaps these are the activities that the locals were talking about... perhaps not. All I know for sure is that the stone monuments in the cemetery hold a pure form of light, light magic.

We held a séance to invoke one of these protection spirits into the piece that you see here. We were successful and the protection spirit was more than willing to come along. Now, it inhabits the piece that you see here. It will become the sole property of the owner and the protection spirit will work in your favor.

The spirit will give you a source of divination that will keep you safe from all evil entities at all times. It will give you the secret of whit light sorcery, so that way you can protect yourself and others from evil and send these types of negative energies back to where they came from.

Additionally, this piece will give you the ability to see a multitude of different types of spirits from our realm and others. You will obtain their secrets and their magic. You will receive the piece that you see here.