Sisters of Wicca, Intercessors of Magic

Sisters of Wicca, Intercessors of Magic

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Through the Eyes of the Occult (Part VI): The Sisters of Wicca

Searching the world for magic can be an exhausting feat to accomplish. However, once you find the magic you are looking for it can be very rewarding. I have spent the last five years searching for the most unique magic that I could possibly find. I have finally wrapped up this project and I am ready to share my results.

I will showcase the powers and magic that I have discovered in a ten part series. The series will be called “Through the Eyes of the Occult”, as you see above, and will be able to be found on the website by simply searching that name of the title. Each showcase will feature one unique item that is proprietary to the power source from which it comes. This is going to be an interesting experience and you are going to want to own at least one of the unique powers-- read on, I guarantee it.

There isn't too much of a story to this one. It is a simple piece that originates in Wales. As we all know, the religion known as Wicca has been commercially popularized in the last decade or so. However, the practice of Wicca has been around for a long time, well before the United States was formed, or the fall of the Roman Empire, and even before the birth of Christ.

The purest form of Wicca is actually a variation of ancient Egyptian magic. It takes components and theories from practices of the Egyptians, spices it up a little bit, adds its own influence, and (Bam!!) you've got a whole new source of magic.

This magic is just as powerful as all of the components that are its predecessors. It will allow you to call upon all of the Wicca gods and goddesses. It will allow you to call upon the raw elemental forces that are found in nature. You will gain spiritual independence from the shallowness of your own mind. It is the only demise that stands between you and your ability to tap into your own energy that is flowing through your body, even as you read this documentation.

The piece that I am offering you is a piece that comes from a cult Wicca group that resides in the country side of Wales, in a village of tiny cottages that seems to wisp you through a time machine to the days of old. This sisterhood is one of the oldest, not too well known, Wicca covens. They are practitioners of Wicca magic and divination.

This piece has been charmed by the sisterhood and given to me so that I may share their abundance with my most loyal clients. If you look closely the piece encompasses an original sacred flower used in a spirit ritual by the coven. The piece calls upon the sisterhood to be your intercessors to a magic sources that is all original and all powerful. It is inhabited with the spirit of the Almighty Mother Goddess. It is very powerful and will take your magical abilities to a whole new level.