Original Powers of a Russian Seer
Original Powers of a Russian Seer

Original Powers of a Russian Seer

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Ossowiecki's Wish~

This piece belonged to Stefan Ossowiecki; he had extraordinary talents of psychometry, telekinesis, and bilocation. Stefan was a Russian seer with many paranormal gifts, he was condemned to death by the Bolsheviks in 1917, but managed to flee to Wrsaw, where he remained.

He participated in numerous experiments and during World War II helped many people locate missing relatives. Ossowiecki was murdered by the Gestapo in 1944, a fate which, sadly, he also foresaw.

Since he envisioned his fate, he empowered his collection of tools and emblem items, so his knowledge of people and situations as well as his ability to be in two places at one time would progress beyond his life.

He sent various items to occult followers with instructions on how they can work for others, he wants the empowered items to showcase his powers for eternity!

Adita came across a Wiccan woman named Shelly, who had collected several of Ossowiecki's pieces. She informed us of this ultimate find and Deedee flew out to examine the items herself.

The pieces were found to be legitimate and powerful and Shelly knew that Stefan wanted the world to have access to his powers, and so by her having multiple items she was not rendering his wish. We proclaimed that we would be able to assure that our customers would love working with the pieces and since we have customers all over the world, the items would be spread out.

These are amazing pieces that will bring you Stefan's desire to share his acknowledged powers.