Pulinictal Witch-- Psychometry, Power of Touch

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Pulinictal Witch --- Piece 4

We met a Pulinictal witch in Boston who was a master of the senses. She empowered pieces to bring guidance through the natural abilities that we all hold. Each item holds a different power and has worked amazingly when tested.

This item is a piece empowered with the ability of clairsentience and will make you an instant "feeler".

You will be able to pick up a thought and transform it immediately into a feeling. Your life will revolve around how things feels. Your sense of touch will also become well-developed and you will have the ability to know people by feeling what they feel.

After bonding with this item, you will become someone who has the ability to practice psychometry;this is the ability to put something belonging to someone in your hand and read the energy. This power will grant you the abilities to tell the past, present or future from the energy found in others belongings.

You will have the ability to feel how others feel, but only on the emotional level. You will be able to not only empathise, but experience their pain, loss, grief etc.

This piece, that comes in braided Sterling, is a true testament piece that will help you immensely succeed in the occult world. Knowing how others feel and figuring out their emotions, this will put you one step ahead of any other practitioner!