Hiram Masonic Powers

Hiram Masonic Powers

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Be reborn through Hiram Abiff ~

(Freemason Piece) Hiram Abiff is the central core and inspiration for Freemasons. Hiram was a Master Mason who specialized in metalwork, and was one of the prime designers of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

After the temple was completed, three of the other workers decided that they wanted to extract the secrets from Hiram that would qualify them to be Master Masons. They positioned themselves at the doors of the temple and individually demanded to know these secrets.

Hiram refused each one in turn, telling them that the knowledge they desired could be gained only by experience. The three turned on Hiram and killed him!

One struck a blow to his throat with a rule, the next hit him on the chest with an iron measuring square, and the third finished the job by hitting him on the forehead with a hammer.

Full of remorse for the crime that they quickly realized was a fruitless murders, the three men buried Hiram and placed an acacia tree over his grave.

Although Hiram was effectively dead, he is reborn through initiation of the grades. The initiation of the grade of the Master Mason re-enacts the ritual of the death of Hiram. In as much as there are any hard and fast rules which apply to the symbolism inherent within Freemasonry, the three blows symbolize three different kinds of death.

The three kinds of death symbolized are: the death of the body, the death of the feelings, and the death fo the mind. Therefore the Master Mason leaves his old self behind, the initiatory process symbolizing his rebirth into the higher moral values that were held by Hiram.

This piece is the original emblem piece devoted to Hiram when the Freemasons formed their group.

This piece is filled with endowments of power from the originators who enchanted it with the integrity of rebirth for the person who adorns it.

You will be granted integrity, knowledge, and detachment; in other words, you will be reborn as a better individual, having risen above the ignorance, hypocrisy, and envy personalized by Hiram's murder.