Astral Time Control & Pendulum

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Like Sand Through the Hourglass....

(sterling hourglass on a chain) The function of the hourglass is to mark the passing of time, as sand trickles through the narrow waist in the middle of the transparent glass container that is the same shape as the figure of eight.

The hourglass is often used as a motif to show the inevitability of death. The shape of the hourglass, as well as being a visual symbol and a word used to describe the figure of a shapely woman, is a lemniscate, or infinity sign; this indicates eternity.

Turn it over and the hourglass will start it's cycle all over again --- this symbolizes optimism and rebirth.

Hanging upon a chain, the hourglass pendant that is available to you belonged to Kenneth Grant, an occultist who studied under Aleister Crowley.

Grant's occult experiences began in 1939 during World War II, when he claims to have received the first transmission of the "outerhuman being" S'lba. This was followed in 1943 with the reception of The Chronicles of Kralnia. He met and began personal tutelage in magic under Aleister Crowley in 1944, at the age of twenty when Crowley was sixty-nine.

Grant passed away in January of this year and this piece was retrieved from a family member who was going through his estate.

They knew that his wishes were to have his endowment pieces passed on to other interested parties--- although he didn't specify in a will who he wanted each item to go to.

He had a small book with people and companies he respected and worked with and Haunted Curiosities was listed and we received this piece in the mail.

The hourglass token was noted as one of his most prized possessions; it was the impacting piece of his sanction of items applied to ignite the powers he used as an escape mechanism.

You will be filled with the power that Grant invoked in this piece and will be able to escape awkward, or undesired, places or situations, quickly by using this hourglass.

Although one day our sand will run out, while you are here you may as well explore all realms of our world.

This is a magnificent power evoked token of true occult history.

Testers also found it is an extraordinary pendulum piece --- allowing you to venture astrally upon your life up to 10 years into the past or ahead into the future --- this allows you to witness things you may have forgotten, or be a fly on the wall to ready yourself for what lies ahead.

This is incredible ..... So are the Days of Our Lives! This piece has been crafted in Sterling, which adds to its value!