Rosie's Rosary-- Powers of Crystalline Prayers

Rosie's Rosary-- Powers of Crystalline Prayers

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Rosie's Rosaries~

Rosie Kieffer was raised in a home with no real structure. Her family had no set ways and she had no real responsibility. As she got older, she realized that she felt lost -- she was never taken to church and always felt very uncomfortable when others discussed religion and their beliefs; she didn't know what to think or believe.

When she was 15 she slept over at her friend, Melissa's, house, on a Saturday night, and her family attended church service every Sunday. Melissa had asked Rosie to go with them and then they would go for lunch before taking her home... she agreed.

She was welcomed in the church with loving arms and from that Sunday forward continued to attend church. She explored different religions and services, but always enjoyed the inspirational sermons.

She collected rosaries and at her death had over 250. When she fell sick (she passed of cancer) she visited the Vatican and took her whole collection with her. The rosaries were blessed with Holy water and used for a special prayer by congregates.

Although each was different, they effectively were a string of beads of a number that is significant to individual belief systems. We call them rosaries, but different religions have different names --- regardless of what you call them, they all have the same functions. They work as an aid to meditation or prayer; they are a reminder of the tenets of the faith.

Catholics call them the Rosary; which is the domination that Rosie first visited with her friend so many years ago. The name comes from the Latin, Rosarium, so-called because of its association with the Virgin Mary, for whom the rose is attributed.

Today's rosaries most frequently contain fifty beads grouped in sets of ten with a larger bead between each set and a cross at the very end. Each group of ten is called a decade. The beads are 'told', that is, they are passed through the fingers with each repetition of a selected group of prayers.

For Buddhist and Hindus, the prayer strings are called Mala, and have 108 beads; 108 is a sacred number in the Dharmic religions. The number corresponds to the stages of development of the World, the number of manifestation.

Muslims call the prayer string the Tasbih, and it has 99 beads that correspond to the 99 names of Allah.

Rosie traveled the world on her expedition of religion interest ---she even went to a Bible College. The unknown questions were answered and she knew she was safe and would be held tight and wouldn't have to worry about being let go.

This collection of beads, most of them rosaries, but some of other religious backgrounds hold accredited blessings from the Vatican and will bond with you and grant you amazing divine blessings.

These hold powerful, energizing spells that connect you with the Gods and the Universe. The Holy water that was placed upon them, along with the prayer that was stated with each rosary being used fortified the amazing connection; we were lucky to get a few of her blessed pieces.

Even if you are not a strong religious person, you will want one of these to help bring a re-found ideal of understanding yourself, others and the Universe through faith in the Heavens!

Bonding and praying with one of these will enlighten your spirit and bring forth miracles and enticing understanding of those things you never got to learn~!

We can not get any more of her bestowed enriched pieces --- so do not miss out on getting one of these!!

This is the last Rosary that has come from Rosie. All the others have been sold. This crystalline piece is very powerful and will work for you in the most highly efficient ways. It it really quite the treasure!!!