The Dragon Within

The Dragon Within

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Melusine's Emblem ~

Count Raimondin fell in love with a beautiful woman and thought they would live happily ever after. The woman's name was Melusine. Melusine agreed to marry the Count provided that he would agree faithfully to leave her alone every Saturday.

One day a week she disappeared into her bathroom and spent all day in there; she wasn't simply beautifying herself, but reverting to her true form. She was noted as having the bottom half of a serpent, or fish.

One day the Count was filled with jealousy and broke his promise by spying on Melusine as she lay in the bath. She forgave him from breaking his promise, but Count Raimondin used this secret as a weapon, calling her a serpent in front of the court during a disagreement.

Melusine turned into a dragon and flew away, never to be seen again, as she flew away this piece fell to the ground. It was a constant reminder to the Count of his betrayal and the love he lost by revealing a secret.

The lesson of this story is simple: using someone's hidden secret, or weakness, against them is the worst kind of cowardly betrayal.

The piece was passed down from the Count to friends who were asked to keep secrets to help them.

If you have a problem with keeping secrets, or need help communicating your thoughts or feelings -- then this is the majestic piece for you!

So many times people 'accidentally' say something in a moment of despair or anger that can cause them a lifetime of resentment --- this enchanted emblem will fortify you with an understanding of faithfulness, honesty and most of all the ability to keep a secret and not have thay yearning desire to have to tell someone else!

This may seem like a small feat, but this is a very magical item! Melusine will assist you and help make a clouded mind purified. You will be able to see things with respect to others and understand that what you may see as no big deal could be a huge secret, or something that causes shame to another.

Life, and people, are complicated --- this is a mystical token of power to help you on your journey; it truly is AWESOME!!