Pulinictal Witch-- Aura Reading Powers

Pulinictal Witch-- Aura Reading Powers

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Pulinictal Witch --- Piece 7

We met a Pulinictal witch in Boston who was a master of the senses. She empowered pieces to bring guidance through the natural abilities that we all hold. Each item holds a different power and has worked amazingly when tested.

She evoked the ability for the person adorning this piece to be able to read auras. This is a great attribute because by reading auras you can help others struggling with blocks in their lives.

Aura readings also help you get in touch with your own energy, so you can know your own truth and make the highest choices for yourself.

This is a piece that is like a good luck charm, it assists you in understanding the energies that surround you and help you figure out what choices you should make based on the information you gain from this item!