Bio-SCADA (gov't cover up and remote mind control)

Bio-SCADA (gov't cover up and remote mind control)

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Bio-SCADA and Remote Mind Control

Let's take a look at the government. By the government, I mean the government of the United States of America; and even though it seems like they must rule the world, they haven't officially been delegate this task yet. The important question when it comes to the government is, “How much is too much?” While, it is the government's job to to govern the people, it is constantly overstepping boundaries, with things like the Patriot Act, in the name of safety for the constituents (thank you, George Bush). Allow me to boggle your mind with the following information.

First allow me to introduce a concept known as SCADA. For those of you who do not know, SCADA is an acronym that stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It refers to a system that collects various data from a remote location and reports the information to central computer, or mother hub. From there, whomever acquires the data can control the different components of the data to manipulate actions that are being performed.

For the intents and purposes of warehouses, factories, and industrial plants SCADA technology seems to be pretty handy. That was until the government realized that they could capitalize on this concept. Then things went haywire, and now there is a system of data collection that infringes upon the average American in the name of “national Security.” They collect miscellaneous data from cell phones, computers, fax machines, land line telephones, post office transactions, cable boxes, and home security systems to name a few. The government needs no prior authorization to delve into records, as long as they do it in the name of “national security.” I thing it's baloney, but it gets better.

The information I am about to share with you now comes straight out of a government briefing that was sent to me from my contact at the Pentagon. It came in an envelope with an item and a note that simply stated, “Hey, check THIS out.” Anyway, after reading the briefing and running my own concurrent tests on the piece that he sent me, I was able to draw enough conclusions to know the following.

Currently, in a bunker that is deep below the Capital Building in Los Angeles, there is a group of highly trained technological and biological specialists. The sole purpose of its existence was and is the development and advancement of a technology known as Bio-SCADA. Bio-SCADA is a technology that will allow the ultimate infringement of personal freedom.

The technology itself is a combination of of both biological and mechanical components. The piece that I received is one of many that are currently allowing people to use Bio-SCADA. What the piece will do is emit signals to the brains of any target within a two mile radius. It will then use these signals to enter the thoughts of the targeted individual. These signals will in turn pick up on the thought process of the individual and send that data back to the person who was originally using the piece. The one using the piece will be able to view all the thoughts the target has ever had, is having, or will ever have.

The piece also allows the person in charge of the technology to use artificial brainwave simulators and insert them in place of the target's own brain waves. This technology can be used to manipulate and control a target's behavior from a distance AKA remote mind control. This is how the current uprising in Libya has been sparked. America's government never ever wears the little white cap... I promise.

Anyway, to protect yourself from the invasion of your mind from the government, and also to protect you from the concept of remote mind control, we have been working around the clock for the past several days. Fortunately, we have been able to develop a reverse technology that will counter that of Bio-SCADA. You can think of it as your little tin foil cap, without actually having to wear one.

What you will have to do is wear one of the pieces that you see here. It will envelop your mind, giving it a sort of spiritual shied that will not allow any form of artificial wave, ray, EMP, or any other technological mind altering “thing” to take charge of your mind. Additionally, we have infused them with the original technology, Bio-SCADA, which you will be able to use at your own discretion.

Hey, we never said the technology wasn't cool, just that it wasn't cool for our government to use on us. Anyway, maybe this will help us get the bastards back. You will receive one of the pieces that you see here. The piece has been manipulated to resemble an elaborate piece of jewelry. Do not be fooled. This is actually a high tech device disguised by the government!! This piece will work as described, it has been tested and you have my personal guarantee!