Galactic Prophecies of 2012 and More

Galactic Prophecies of 2012 and More

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Rolling in a Galaxy

We are all part of a heavenly mechanical galaxy that through planetary influences, which are made up from the alchemical compositions related to their bodies, affect the direction of the evolution on Earth.

This zero point energy we are reaching is the beginning of a new cycle; a cycle that has begun over 260,000 years ago! The solar system making its vourage around the pleideas, and the Alcycone star system, is the reason why time has to expire in a linear sense; this has to do with the residue matter that has collected itself upon history and the soul of mans DNA which has manifested itself in disease and karma.

So what will happen on that date in 2012 will be of huge significance to humanity, but also the ascension process we as a planet and species are now entering.

There shall be many films being made by the Darth Vader of dimensions beyond this veil,that shall inspire the imaginations of certain artists and filmmakers to entertain the idea of mass destruction and apocalyptic proportions in hope of placing fear into humanity. Fear is one way of control and to inject the whole problem,reaction,solution mentality into the people will allow the script of revelation to play itself out without too many obscurities.

By keeping the masses hypnotized with fear and dread and in the lower energy dramas of 3rd dimensional thought helps divert the awakening process we are going through.

As we all know currency has no worthy energy that one can manifest greater dreams than just the material perception which is scripted and imposed upon us.

This piece is an encryption of what is to come. It was found by Adita and holds amazing ambiguous strengths of future ideals. 2012 is upon us, and the world keeps moving along like nothing is going to happen; are you going to be part of that train wreck?

The person who adorns this piece will be granted protection and serenity from the forces of nature that will erupt upon the Universe.

This is a token piece that holds the ancient spell of prophecy which is used to ignite true knowledge of galactic emergence and abilities to gain the powers of the entities to be on your side when the Myan calendar ends!