Powers of an Enchanted Mind

Powers of an Enchanted Mind

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Don't be a Victim

"Victim mentality" is a state of mind that is not entirely incompatible with it's polar opposite. You can be in control of yourself and your own fate without controlling others. However, all too often the victims seek out the victimizers simply to have their own needs for being victims fulfilled. Craving the affections of an individual who compromises your principles is neither healthy nor beneficial to anyone but the vampire you crave.

Reality is the framework of your perceptions. If you see auras and spirits then they are real. The same goes for pixies, unicorns, Angels, and Demons.

We all have individual aspect of reality and our focus on it is different. What I am able to see may be different then what appears to you, but the outlines of life are the same. Perception and Reality are opposites more often then not; we encounter things each day that are not always what we think they should be.

Have you ever been in a group listening to others talk about something that you are familar with, yet you feel completely lost?

This is due to the fact that thoughts and ideas are infatuated from all different areas and vantage points. I used to have an issue with how the mind works and the things people believed; that was until I met Deedee's friend Anthony.

Anthony entices memory manipulation and enchanted this piece using his vampiric powers to help you not feel like a victim and help you see the world from a variety of vantage points. This is a precious power that most seek, but few get the chance to gain and use.

This item is a mind changing and tantalizing and will allow you the greatness of absorbing others views so you can adhere the power to which their thoughts linger. It is the power of the brain and a chemistry that will allow you know and feel what others do, allowing you to read their thoughts and inner most desires.