Magical Remnants of a Warlock

Magical Remnants of a Warlock

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Proof is in the Prints

In my family, I'm the middle child, I have an older sister and a younger brother. While I was still living at home, about 7 years ago, I had an intriguing encounter.

I, for some reason, was the earliest person to wake up in our house, sometimes at around 5:30. The whole house was dark and quiet, save the monotonous hum of the refrigerator. I walked into the living room to turn on our Christmas tree, seeing as how I'm the only one who did; I turned it on and the room glowed an unearthly color, I suppose from the tree alone, but I have no idea.

Right after I turned the lights on, I felt this horrible feeling that someone or something was watching me. I didn't even want to turn around for fear of someone there. I did anyway. Standing under the arch to our living room was this "thing" – it was like this really tall man just staring at me, but the creepy thing was, its eyes were totally black. They glimmered in the light for what seemed years.

The Christmas tree lights suddenly flickered and buzzed strangely and the smoke detectors all went off, letting out an earsplitting screech throughout the house, and the "thing" was gone. My mom woke up from the beeping and suddenly all the smoke detectors simultaneously turned off. I went to check the area around where the "thing" stood and there were these huge footprints with claw-like toes in the carpet, and the carpet was perfectly white. The footprints stayed there and my mom thought it was just a trick, but she never saw what I saw, and it's burned into my memory just like the footprints burned into the carpet.

My parents do not understand the paranormal, and do not want to open their minds to the possibility that I could open their eyes to proof of entities and other lifeforms!

For a few years my mom just covered the prints with a throw rug, so no one knew they were there, but the carpet was replaced a few months ago and I asked to have the piece that held the footprints. I took the carpet piece to our offices and extracted particles from the burnt remnants. We were able to atest that the particles were brought forth from a Warlock; he wanted to make me aware of magic and darkness, because that was when I was first having full visions that I tried to ignore.

This implemented my knowledge of the sensitivity that I held. Anyway, Deedee had the awesome idea to place the particles in a potion that she had a shrew concoct and this sparked an amazing elixir that the shrew used to instill power into the item you see below!

The power brings you into the realm of dual magic; the open gates of darkness provide you the ability to understand and visit the land of the Warlock and his fellow occultists. You can learn and gain powers to send out emitting strength upon those who do not believe or who have ridiculed you for having different opinions then them~!

The shrew added a blessing of white power as well, so you will not have to be scared of being indefinitely harmed or damned by working with this item --- many have an interest in trying a dark piece, but are too scared; now this is your chance to use the warlocks power without having fear of eternally being in a dark cloud!