Comprehension and Powers of Alien Lifeform

Comprehension and Powers of Alien Lifeform

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Alien, straight up with a twist

I was bartending at a restaurant in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania a few years ago; the place was known for its beautiful view of the slopes and a place for skiers and visitors to stop on their way up the mountain range to the resorts. I was the only person in the restaurant, other than the cooks in the kitchen on the other side of the building.

We were due to open for lunch in less than 15 minutes when this couple, a man and a woman, walked in. They were both wearing sunglasses and seemed to be tourists. Even though I was still setting up the bar, I offered them a cocktail. The man gave me their order and upon serving them, I went back to my job. They quietly sat there, looking straight ahead, not saying a single word. Not to me or to each other. I thought this was odd, but kept on working, occasionally glancing their way to see if they were close to needing another drink.

All of a sudden, the woman lifted her sunglasses as if to read something on the back wall of the bar and then slowly lowered them again. I was shocked and amazed at what I saw! She had large almond-shaped eyes with no white at all, they were completely black! At first I thought I was seeing things, but as they finished their drinks and suddenly got up to leave, I knew I had had a close encounter with someone, or something, from another world. Although nothing was said, telepathically, or otherwise, I wasn't frightened or alarmed, but actually felt very serene.

I don't know what their purpose was for coming there or if it was just a stopping off place on the way to their final destination, but it was a truly bizarre encounter!

After they left, I was clearing their glasses and instead of a monetary tip, this piece was left on the bar. At first I thought, "oh great, what am I supposed to do with this", but then I thought that it was pretty cool and would be a momentum to the visit.

Oddly enough, not too long after their visit, my boss, the owner of the restaurant, who often spent nights in the apartment upstairs, vanished and the restaurant closed down. I moved and that is when I met Deedee and was able to forecast my past experiences with the paranormal with her!

This piece was one of the first things that I showed her --- she immediately knew that the item holds powers of Alien lifeforms. I didn't even get to tell her the story and she felt the energies coming through and was able to implement her knowledge of the vibe of the energies. Once the piece was fully tested we found that the spirit of my old boss, Henry, was within this item. He had called upon the couple I waited on to take him into their world.

Henry often talked about strange things, but I had no idea that he wanted to live out the life of an alien! He vanished because he was abducted, by choice, and his spirit was left in the portal piece that I held.

This piece grants you the opportunity to learn and understand the mystical life forms that exist in our Universe; easy to bond and use --- this portal piece is amazing and Henry will help you gain the powers and abilities that exist in the atmosphere of cosmic lifeforms... Aliens rule!