Your Very Own Guardian Angel

Your Very Own Guardian Angel

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Angels are Everywhere

Lindy took Steve and I to a Hershey Bears hockey game for a night of stress relief. After the game was over, we ran into an older black man with gray hair, leaning on a home made crutch, panhandling for money with a Styrofoam cup outside the arena. Not particularly fond of beggars, I determined to pass him and not to give him any money, but he had a gleam in his eye and was persistent.

All I had in my wallet was a crumpled old five dollar bill, which I wanted to keep because I had a headache and wanted to buy some aspirin later at the drugstore. Moved for some odd reason, I reached in my wallet and gave him the five dollar bill (all the money I had). Steve and Lindy saw this, thought I was a sucker, and we walked away.

After walking about 50 feet, I had the urge to stop and look around. The old black man was looking at me and leaning on his crutch. Then he raised the Styrofoam cup, as if in a toasting gesture, and gave me a wide, warm smile. I felt a strange sensation, but thought nothing more about it.

Thirty minutes later, I stopped in a drug store to buy some aspirin with my credit card. As I walked down the isle, I passed the magazine rack. I froze in amazement. There on the top rack in front of the magazines was an old crumpled up five dollar bill –, appearing to be the very same one I had given the old black man earlier. When I got back in the car, Lindy and Steve were amazed when I showed them the five dollar bill. I have been back to many Bears games since then, but I never saw the crippled old black man again.

I could never get this experience out of my mind and wandered what the purpose of this experience was --- so I took the $5 bill to a psychic priest I met in Colorado and asked him for more info. He knows that visions are showcased as a means of divine interaction and wanted me to learn what the purpose was for the amazing encounter I had.

I learned a lot from my visit and donated the $5 bill to the church and left with a warm feeling. When I got back home there was a package on my porch, it contained numerous pieces of divinity. Enchanted gorgeous items that sparkled and made me smile. The package was unmarked and I knew it as a 'gift' from above. These pieces have granted me with blessings for the past few years --- I am not able to use and wear all of the pieces, so I kept some of them and I am making this piece available to you!!

It is power packed with white light strength and divine amazement; unlock the door to a Guardian Angel to be with you always, by adorning one of this wonderful religious token that miraculously found its way to me!