Covert Powers of Sorcery

Covert Powers of Sorcery

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Death Can Be A Blessing To You ~

We were driving around New Jersey on our way to a convention when we saw a red light shining up ahead. The light was on top of a unique vehicle that was surrounded by orange cones. We kept driving and came upon a mass load of emergency vehicles.

The vehicles were blocking traffic from the opposite direction; we soon learned that there was a homicide up the road. We are not police investigators, but by being paranormal investigators we find pertinent information when we visit a crime scene.

Deedee lived in Jersey for a few years and knows a lot of the local police force in the city we were in. We stopped by and were given access to the crime scene as long as we wore jump suits, gloves, masks and were escorted by the Chief.

We agreed to suit up and entered the house where the murder took place. It was a horrific scene, a murder from a marital dispute --- the wife was blasted all over the bedroom -- I was feeling sick and had to leave the scene.

Deedee was getting a vision about the crime and the woman's spirit that was transitioning from Earth the Heaven. I was outside trying to clear my mind and so I stripped off the layers of the outfit I had to wear and I then went out back and sat on a swing in the yard.

I closed my eyes and was in a meditative state when Deedee approached me and said she had a vision from the murdered woman that the answer to the dispute was in the backyard.

We searched around for a while and then got a strong feeling when we neared the wood shed at the property line. There was a lock on the door, that Steve broke off, and we entered to an awful smell. Beneath the wood pile we saw a ton of bugs and rats scatter -- we started to move the wood to find the body of a man.

Steve ran out to get the cops, but before they got there we recovered this piece; which Deedee placed in her purse.

It is the symbol of bionic power and infusion. This man was a Sorcerer who was extremly gifted and the woman was a student who was becoming enchanted. Her husband was totally against all magic and killed the Sorcerer with a surprise attack and then killed his wife, this was his way of stopping the power that he didn't agree with.

The piece that is available for you holds the ultimate power and strength of the embrace of the Sorcerer and all of his enchantments. The piece was set to be given to the woman as her power amulet for completing her months of training and spell casting.

Her death was unjust because of the opinion of her husband, but she wanted the legacy of power to continue; this is why she guided us to the truth -- which was made to be a story of an affair and the husband killing the lover, by the cops, but in hinds sight the power being redeemed is what was important!

Having this piece in your hands will contribute you the bearer of control for all imaginable powers that resolve in the realm of dual magic --- this is a rare opportunity to get such a powerful piece that holds the power of 2, master and student, who have passed --- their spirits will unite to come forth and assist you in your journey of occult desires!

This piece is a pocket wand. It is an original piece of the Sorcerer that was found at the scene of the murder. With this want you will inhabit all the powers of the sorcerer that was training the young woman. There are no negative energies attached to it as a result of the murder. Her demise is your treasure. This piece is sure to go fast, so make it yours today!!