Transient White Light Powers

Transient White Light Powers

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Trapped for years, now the power is here

This took place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the Summer of 2001. I was 18 at the time and there were about five of us standing outside this kind of church revival going on. It was between 8-9 p.m. at night and cloudless. I was playing with a red laser pointer, aiming it at the sky to see if I could see it, I couldn't.

What I did see, though, was this white dot. It could have been a star or a plane, but it was zipping around in the sky. I quickly told the people around me and we all watched it zip around for a few minutes before it finally went out of sight. I remember thinking it was like someone else had a white laser pointer and was messing with me, but I already knew from my attempts that a laser pointer wouldn't show up in the sky.

I've been telling this story ever since then, trying to figure out what could move so fast in the sky. It was literally zipping from one end of the sky to the next and back.

I was amazed by the show of light, but didn't think much of it; until last year when I went to use my laser pointer to play with my cat.

The red light stopped working and all of a sudden the same transit white light was scurrying back and forth across my house.

I started to think something crazy was going on, but once again let it go. I had placed the laser pointer on my key chain so I would remember to get a battery, because I thought the battery had died.

I was meeting up with Deedee and she saw my laser pointer when I was driving, she said she loved using them to play with her small dog she had years ago.

When we stopped at the store, we were going to, she asked to see my key chain --- she started to try and use the laser pointer and I said the battery was dead. She pushed the button in anyway and a beaming white light flashed; she immediately was like man, you have a transient being in this pointer.

What, I said. Deedee has encountered many beings and forces of light and knew this particular light that emerged was a divine force that cleanses the soul and purifies your life with unbelievable advances.

She asked if she could perform a ritual to move the force, I was fine with it... and so she evoked the power from the pointer into the piece you see below.

The point of divine exuberance is within this item and will instill the exquisite power of purification into your life and soul.

If you are at your wits end; feel alone; or feel like there is no where to turn --- then you need this piece to proclaim a strength of prosperity and white light power upon your spirit ~ the intensity of this piece is exceptional!