Wished from the Fairy Circle

Wished from the Fairy Circle

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Wish, Wish, Wish ~

Shortly after my friend, Rachel's, parents moved from Pennsylvania to a remote rural area of Ohio near the Kentucky border, they began noticing dark areas of grass in the shape of circles. I saw one myself once when I visited them and teased that it looked as though a UFO had landed there. It would fade away and another would appear somewhere else some time later. One time a friend visited them and they showed them the odd circles of dark grass. The friend told them they are fairy rings. Rachel's mother went to the library to see what she could find on fairy rings and learned that folklore tells that if you stand in the center of a fairy ring at midnight during a full moon and make a wish, it will come true.

Some time later, a new fairy ring appeared just a few yards from her house. (All the others had been out in the pasture.) There would be a full moon in a few days so she decided to see if the folklore tale was true. During the day she put a bucket in the middle of the ring so she could easily find the center at midnight. The night of the full moon she went to the bucket at midnight and made a wish. Within just a few short months her wish came true.

Rachel's parents had bought their property and built a new home there so it pretty much depleted all of their savings.The property has over 100 acres on secluded land surrounded by games land. There was still so much that they dreamed of having there, but would not be able to do with their minimal income. The wish of Rachel's mom was simply to have all the things they wanted for the property. One of those things was roads to the remote areas. Another was to have a garage and a third dream was to have a small lake on the property.

Soon afterward, a company contacted them that was interested in some of the lumber on their property.

They would pay for what they forested and promised not to rape the land. In order to get to the more remote areas for the trees they wanted to take they had to put in roads. (Wish #1!)

One day Susan, Rachel's mother, was talking to one of the owners of the company. He was telling her what a beautiful property she had and what potential it had. He seemed to have developed a special fondness for Rachel's tiny 60 year old mother, and talked to her quite often during the month or so that they were there. Susan told him about her dream of a lake and he told her they had the equipment to do it and they would do it for her for no charge. They dug a deep and wide area out behind the first meadow and diverted water from a creek into it. (Wish #2!)

With the money they made from the sale of the trees they put up a three-stall garage. (Wish #3!)

I was talking to Susan about her encounter in the fairy ring and she told me she had to show something to me. She went to her bedroom and got this piece. She said it was under the bucket when she moved it after her encounter. This is where the power was forecast by the moon --- into this item.

She said that she knew it would only release 3 wishes to her, so she passed it on so someone else can obtain 3 wishes! The piece just needs to be connected to the new owner by showcasing the ritual with the moon and then your 3 wishes will begin to forecast into your life.

This is an awesome piece with remarkable success from the original owner --- do not let this pass you by if you have wishes that you need fulfilled~!