Alien Human Hybrids

Alien Human Hybrids

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Meet the Grey's

The descriptions of the grey aliens are basically all the same. They are all reported as being small, averaging 3-4 feet in height, and very thin, with a very fragile appearance. Their heads are very large compared to their frail bodies, with very large black eyes that appear to be slightly slanted.

Two small openings for a nose, and a very thin slit for a mouth. Abductee's report that they have never seen teeth. They also don't appear to use their mouth for vocalization. Instead they reportedly use some kind of telepathy for communication.

Even though the greys appear to be very weak, they have significant telepathic powers that can force an abductee to remain immobile. While they have been known to communicate with their abductee's, they never give out vital information, such as their agenda for the abductions, and the tests.

Some believe that the greys are using humans to create a human/alien hybrid. Abductee's have claimed to have been shown small alien-like babies and were told that the baby is theirs.. and to hold it. Most abductee's are enraged and do not want anything to do with the hybrid babies.

The basic type of greys are considered the "workers". They seem to be the one's who do most of the physical testing during the abduction process. There are also larger Grey's who are believed to be the leaders. They are typically at least 6 feet tall, and their gaze can induce intense emotions in the abductee.

They are believed to absorb food and expel waste through their skin, and because so, have been reported as very foul smelling creatures. Their arms are very long and thin, and their legs are very short.

Most humans who are abducted recall minimal information, but we came across Martha, a middle aged woman from North Carolina who was abducted in 2003; she recalls her entire experience..... she she feels as if a piece that was left on her is the key to her memories.

She tried to tell her family about her abduction and they all thought she flipped her lif. There has been confusion and a separation in the family since. She no longer lives with her husband because he will not believe her tales of her encounter. The item you see below, is the piece that Martha came back with.

Her family just assumed she bought the piece and thought she bcame mentally ill. Martha appeased them and went to doctors and counselors to prove she is sane --- she is in complete health and the family just couldn't open their minds to believe.

She is tired of fighting and misses her husband, they still talk, and he had talked about a divorce; she wanted to get rid of this piece to show that she will leave it in the past and move forward to keep her marriage and family together.

The piece came to us last year and has been vigorously tested for the past 6 months --- it holds extreme connection energies to the Greys. You will envision images of their lifestyle and realm and you will learn the telepathic communicative abilities that they hold.

This is a piece for the collector with interest in Aliens and abducting techniques that are used --- you will learn the connection rituals that are created when a human comes in contact with a Grey; the power in this manipulating piece of alien life-form is incredible!