Soar Into the Astral Realm

Soar Into the Astral Realm

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Fly Human, Fly

Our original human core, is that of the ‘immortal plane’ – we are now capable of lifting out of our bodies and flying to any place on the globe, as were our ancestors capable in ancient days. Before the creation of the ‘death histories’, before the presumptive globally enforced limited us with "education" that made fear form religions, we humans knew flight!!

We were entangled in ongoing flight as our ‘free expression’.

Our human ancestors upon leaving the place called the 'Immortalizing Eden', came under the control of predators who were able to maintain their constant control over humans by implanting them with tantalizing beliefs. They led humans to believe they should have no flight, no knowledge of Immortal Eden, and that submission to death was a dutiful choice.

Choice of death was given in that one must remain noble and die according to the better will of the people, and one’s all seeing God. This was projected into the imagination of the 'lost human mind'---the mass lost mind.

Once this death submission and the death God image was fully implanted, the completion was accepted as the absolute. Humans than began the long term process of "forgetting" that they were able to fly; and they were able to fly anywhere!!

This piece is an original token of prosperity that was held before the submission on human thoughts took place. You can use this trigger a clear sense of mind and unblock barriers that have come from the predators of our ancestors~

This will allow you to fly on the astral realm to learn amazing secrets that were buried from the progression of transference over time; the process of making humans forget will be revived to you when you bond and use this fascinating piece!

This is a one of kind, priceless piece~