Reaching Into Past Lives

Reaching Into Past Lives

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Remember all that happened in your past~

My older brother is 8 years my senior, so he has a good memory. When I was small, we had a large front yard with elm trees and one walnut that has been there since I can remember. It's an old, gnarled thing. We had a porch swing that hung between the two. I loved swinging, so my mother would make my brother swing me in it.

One day while he was swinging me, he said my head fell forward just like I had fallen asleep. All of a sudden I looked up at him and told him to lay my blue and white uniform out. He said I didn't have a uniform, and it dawned on him I was speaking as plainly as two adults. He, over a period of time, established a time line and to whom he was speaking. I told him my name was William Bell, it was 1818 and I lived in a large white house with columns on the front. I continued to describe the inside of the home.

My mother told my brother to stop what he was doing because he had no idea what forces he was playing with. My brother made one other note: the whole time this was happening (it happened over a two week period), the swing always swung by itself.

I recalled that the 2 weeks that these encounters happened, my father was on a business trip. I kept this piece with me that belonged to him and discovered the the motion of the piece triggers past life endeavors. Citing the fact that my father happened to be a Sagittarius, is relevant to the design of the piece. It was simply a memento I held on to, as a token of reminder to my father while he was gone.

After hearing this story from my brother last Thanksgiving, I decided to try and find the piece I remembered having when my father was away. It was a piece that I kept in a lock box and hadn't thought about for years.

Many of my childhood things were still in my parents basement and so I went over and started going through things. After almost 4 hours of searching, I found my old box, dusty and still locked. I no longer had the key, so I had to pick the lock, but long and behold I found the treasured piece!

I took it into work and showed Deedee --- we tested the piece and found that when you use this like a pendulum you will surface your soul into the energies of the Universe and you will connect with your past lives and be able to relive and learn what you encountered many years ago.

You are able to recall and remember and put the pieces of your past lives together to find out what really runs through your blood!