Sorcery From the South:  A Haunted Plantation

Sorcery From the South: A Haunted Plantation

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Plantation Ghost~

While on our recent trip we visited the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

This plantation holds intense history of hauntings and despair. There have been experiences such as: hand prints in the mirrors, footsteps on the stairs, mysterious smells, and vanishing objects, death by poison, hangings, murder and gunfire are all part of the norm that has occurred at this plantation.

The original owner, David Bradford, had his run-ins with the good and bad aspects of society.

Bradford was born in America to Irish immigrants and was one of five children. He became a successful attorney, businessman and Deputy Attorney General for the county. Why did Bradford leave his family and thriving business behind? We do know that he became involved in the infamous Whiskey Rebellion and legend has it that Washington placed a price on the man’s head for his role in the affair.

President John Adams would later pardon Bradford in 1799. The Whiskey Rebellion took place in western Pennsylvania and really began as a series of grievances over high prices and taxes forced on those living along the frontier at that time. In later years Bradford had such a rich and adventurous life that it would make the perfect miniseries for TV.

Over the years books were written about the place and TV shows were produced at the plantation.

Legends are a huge part of the plantation. According to one legend, three Union soldiers were killed in the house after they broke in and attempted to loot the place. It was here that they were shot and died. It is said that they left bloodstains on the floor and no matter how hard maids scrubbed the stains, they simply wouldn’t get cleaned.

There have also been many paranormal instances where children were witnessed and heard. The Innkeeper often hears heavy footsteps following behind her. They offer tours and of course we went on it while we were there.

Steve, Deedee and I all instantly felt emerged in the place. The hair on my arms was standing up... there definitely was a lot of spiritual activity on these premises. Normally one of us will initially pick up the energy and pull it towards the rest, at this plantation we all were hit right away with strong energies.

We had been to a nice restaurant for lunch and Deedee was dressed up and wearing nice accessories. She kept feeling shocks in her body --- Steve nor I experienced this. We didn't know what was going on.

There were many spirits we encountered during our visit and the sadness and negativity lit up the air. As we finished the tour Deedee kept having strong sensations running through her skin; this continued until she took off her jewelry.

We learned years ago that spirits use jewelry as vessels to collect their power and continue their desires. Deedee's one piece collected the spirit of Michael Neesley. Michael was involved in the Whiskey Rebellion and was a friend of David Bradford.

He was killed when he was with David at the Myrtles Plantation. We later learned from testing the item that he was excited to move on and finally have an escape for his soul to leave the plantation, where his spirit has been trapped for years.

Michael holds extreme power of Sorcery and Spell Casting. He was using his powers to try and end the Whiskey Rebellion when he was killed. He has spent centuries in spirit form at the plantation, waiting for a charger to help his knowledge and powers continue, even though he himself could not change things.

You will be filled with Michael's spirit and gain the root of his powers that will allow you to achieve banishing spells and learn to activate your mind-source of all energy. Bonding with Michael will enchant your life and teach you ways to create miracles through chanting and magical retreat. You can continue the power that would have ended the Whiskey Rebellion sooner, and use it for good today; you could use this strength to help with the oil crisis and send out energies that will merge the bonds of dignity and understanding of needs over wants and help lower gas prices!

Michael needs the right person to work with, and says that this person will know it is them when they look at this piece; we hope this calls to you and you can help us all ~!