Powers of an Astral Phoenix Flame

Powers of an Astral Phoenix Flame

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Ashes, Ashes, the Phoenix fell down

Hans Chrisian Andersen's 'The Phoenix Bird' talks about the incredible mystic occult creature.

"In the Garden of Paradise, beneath the Tree of Knowledge, His flight was like the flashing of light, his plumage was beauteous, and his song ravishing. He wings his way in the glimmer of the Northern Lights over the plains of Lapland, and hops among the yellow flowers in the short Greenland summer ... The Phoenix Bird, dost thou not know him? The Bird of Paradise, the holy swan of song ... On a lotus leaf he floats down the sacred waters of the Ganges, and the eye of the Hindoo maid gleams bright when she beholds him."

The Phoenix enjoys immortality, which has to be renewed with fire every 300 to 500 years. When the end of its life cycle drew near, the phoenix would gather aromatic herbs, woods, and spices from around the world with which to build its own funeral pyre or nest. The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, especially of the sun; the phoenix' nest is made of frankincense, myrrh and spices.

Sitting in the nest, and having turned to face the rays of the sun, beating its wings, it deliberately fans the flames for itself and is consumed in the fire. Once the old body was consumed, the phoenix would be reborn from a worm, its marrow, or an egg found among the ashes and would embark on another 500 years of life. A new phoenix always rises from the ashes.

I have felt the energies of the Phoenix through astral travels, and was witness to the re-birth that happened in 2009. It was amazing... seeing the magical occult bird flame up was invigorating --- and the after mass of the nest was awesome.

I was able to bring ashes back from the astral realm to the physical realm because I had a merger on me while I was sleeping.

The ashes were in my pocket when I awoke and I transferred them quickly to a small container. I knew they held extreme power that was left over from the previous life of the Phoenix... so we proclaimed the ashes into the piece offered here.

It is extremely power packed and filled with abilities of transvection, dowsing and chastity. The re-birth will not happen again for hundreds of years, so get this piece as the ashes will not forth come to us again!

The piece you are getting is a replication of the Phoenix's feathers. As it was proclaimed above, the hold the power of the original Phoenix's ashes. Each of these feathers will bond with you and perform an astral power or ability, spiritual function, or other mystical factor for you. It varies from person to person, because each person's chemistry with the piece is different. This piece is perfect for you to create abilities or maximize the ones you already have!!