Fly By Empowerment (positive electrical charge)

Fly By Empowerment (positive electrical charge)

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Fly by Empowerment

As the Earth spins in orbit around the Sun it creates an abundance of geo-electromagnetic energy. We humans living on the surface drawing from this geo-electromagnetic force can practice and master dramatic and willful periods of long flight.

The flight is imperative in evoking ultimate life changing abilities of power that we all desire. The triumph of occult magic is incredibly powerful and wanted by many. The pathway to gaining knowledge of the flight path that will bring you into occult strength happens by you obtaining geo-electromagnetic ability.

Flight can only be described as an immersion into a ‘positive electrical flow’, a freeing up-liftment of the Spirit – one in which super abundant positive energy comes quickly, supporting a dramatic sense of high serenity and eternal native capability.

Spontaneously born from a need, the desire to experience the greater ‘unknown’ electrical depths occurs rapidly. One has high vision of knowing why they exist – how great this Existence is of Freedom in Flight!

And when one experiences it, when one has it, One knows – this is what they have been searching for all their lives. In fact One knows that everything else has lead to this – this Immersion into Immortal Flight. The sense of Flight is the most encouraging process of true nurturing wisdom the human conduit systemically embodies. It exalts existence of the realm of the occult.

This piece is energized with a massive amount of geo-electromagnetic power and will charge your spirit with the bonded strength which will allow you to fly astrally; and through flight you will learn and gain the mysteries of the occult realm.