Non-fatal Attraction-- Triangles of Perfection

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Triangles form Perfection

One of the most utilized occult symbols is the triangle. A triangle with its point downward represents the deity and is called the Deity's Triangle, or the Water Triangle. With one point up, it is called the Earthly Triangle, Pyramid Triangle, or the Fire Triangle. These two definitions of the triangle are standard occult belief.

However, this latter representation of the triangle, with the point upward, is the symbol of the Perfect or Divine Man.

Perfection is boring, but being seen as the Perfect Man is enticing! We have this piece that holds power from a love shrew in the symbol of the triangle. The point should be worn upwards to showcase your intent of gaining the vantage ideals of what others desire.

This will make you, if you are a man, attractive to all those around you. You will become witty, viewed extra intelligent, sexy and just the spitting image of perfection. If you are a woman this is the ultimate piece to enrich your relationship with a man... you can evoke a new found sense of attraction to your mate, or give it to a man who is nice to you and you will see him through new eyes.

Perfection is an ideal and with this symbolic blessed piece you will be able to change your outcome of how you are viewed, or how you see someone -- this can make dreams a reality.

Majestic powers of vantage viewing are not common and this is a way to fall, or have someone fall for you, by embracing the uniqueness of individualism and thinking it is perfection~!