Interchange your DNA; Vampires Awake

Interchange your DNA; Vampires Awake

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Interchange your DNA, Vampires Awake~

Anthony recently contacted Deedee with news of a new development that showcases the potential for vampires to take over the world, without the need to be bite and suck blood from everyone.

This disposition is bone manipulation. This power gives the ability to manipulate the bones in one's body; you can project bones out from the skin, re-arrange bones or grant the generation of new bone masses.

The vampires utilized this by changing out one of their bones with a regular human bone, which then will flood that persons body with the rage of power that they infused within themselves.

As long as they maintain one of their original bones they will still hold the powers of their immortal vampire life. By using this new found ability they can enhance normal humans to become vampires without their knowledge --- this is a way for them to proclaim rule over the world in the future.

We received several pieces from Anthony that hold the power of bone manipulation --- you can enchant yourself by wearing one of these pieces and highlighting the fact that you are interested in having a bone exchanged and forecasting your life as a vampire.

You will gain powers of duplication allowing the following of vampiric rituals, and you will crave blood --- but will not need human blood, only extra red meat~! This will bring aspects of vampiral knowledge and you will be able to understand and hear prospects of plans of the underworld.

These are pieces of deliverance that are powerful and will help you on your journey to evoke vampire blessings in your life.