Protection from Vampires and Astral Malice

Protection from Vampires and Astral Malice

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Shielding from Fangs

Vampires are around us all the time. Circling our habitats in spirit throughout the day and hunting at night. You never even have to think about the aspect that your life could change in a minute, but it most certainly can.

If you exude positive energies or energies that prosper thoughts about occult powers you could be a target for attack. There are many types of vampires, not just blood suckers, who may have use your energies or thoughts as their form of hunger and attack.

There are often times when we unexplainably get sick, you just feel weak and your head hurts ... it is more than the common cold; it is likely that you were attacked from a energy illusive vampire.

This piece was instilled with a field that shadows your thoughts, energies and DNA from all forms of vampires. This is a piece that will assist you if you have been blocked from using other sources of power as well--- because you may have gotten close to a connection and then been attacked by a vampire.

The sacred roses that are in this piece have been infused with vampire blood and negated. It will protect you from the evil and malice of those astral beings that seek to do you harm. On the flip side, it will also give you visionary powers that will allow you to pinpoint where your astral attacks are coming from. You will be able to negate evil beings and spirits, which will keep your soul bound and protected. Protect yourself and up to 2 others, by forecasting this piece into your life.