Original Third Eye Opener

Original Third Eye Opener

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This item is extremely powerful. It was given as an engagement gift to my friend Dori. Her mother found it in an antique shop and knew right away that it was the perfect item to show her enthusiasm about her daughters future nuptials.

Dori got this piece in the mail, her mother lives in Florida and she is here in Pennsylvania, and she thought it was gorgeous. She immediately started to wear this piece and was thrilled that everything finally seemed to be all in place and perfect~!

After a few days of wearing this piece, Dori began to have dreams that made her a little uneasy. She normally never remembers her dreams and so it stood out to her that she could recall vivid memories of places she felt she had been to and things she had done.

At first it was just strange, but after a week or so of continuous 'dreams' she knew something was weird. I went out to dinner with her and since we have been friends for years, I noticed she was drifting off while we were eating.

She apologized and then began to tell me about these crazy dreams that she had... of course she is aware of my job and so I tried to get to the bottom of what could be the cause of her issues.

I asked her about things that have changed or become different; she couldn't think of anything. I asked if she got or was given anything recently, and she looked down at the gift from her mom!

"I got this", she said. I asked to see it and just touching it I could feel power flooding from it. I told her this was the key to her dreams, and asked if we could test the piece.

She allowed me to take it to the office -- after several different tests we were able to reveal that it holds the power to grant lucid dreams as well as gives empathic ability.

You can channel your thoughts and visit realms through this piece --- it opens your third eye and helps to reveal your dreams as other realms.

Dori didn't understand the powers and when she told her mother about the implemented abilities she told her to give it to me and sent her a new piece to congratulate her!

So now this thrid eye opener, that triggers lucid dreaming and empathic strength can be yours ~