Bi-Location, Spiritual Healing, and Prophesy

Bi-Location, Spiritual Healing, and Prophesy

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Witch' way is right ~

When traveling through a be-stilled realm Adita found this attributing emblem of power. She was able to project herself back to the physical world while still holding on to this piece

It is a piece that is powered with the power of bi-location. You can wear this piece and gain the powers of Frelka, a witch from the realm of Wosswald.

She is who enchanted this piece and Adita found it inside a cavern. Frelka will come to you, once you bond with this item, and showcase how you can use the power of bi-location to view, prophesize and heal yourself and those around you!

Gaining a piece that is direct from a witches realm directs that the power is at its most extreme level.

Bi-location abilities are amazing and can be useful in so many ways -- this is your chance to gain power and strength by knowing you can bring the spirit of Frekla to you and she will allow you to use 'her' piece to enrich your life and those you love~