Powers of Perval

Powers of Perval

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Who you calling for?

Have you ever been sitting at and picked up the phone without checking your caller id? You answer and the person on the other line starts talking in odd verbatim.

This happened to me the other day, I was completely clueless as to who was calling, or what they wanted. I figured it was simply a telemarketer trying to sell me something, so I hung up.

Within a minute of hanging up the phone rang again. I waited for the caller id to show who was calling... it showed '********'; I had never seen this come across the phone before, so I just assumed it was a blocked call.

I didn't answer; the answering machine picked up and I could hear odd noises and then a strange voice surfaced on the machine, I couldn't quite make out what they were saying.

I replayed the message several times to try and make it out, but no luck. I had to leave my house to go meet Deedee, so I wasn't home for several hours.

When I returned home later that night my answering machine was blinking --- it showcased that I had 99 messages -- the max allotted on my machine.

I hit play and it was the same message over and over again, just like the one I got before I left home.

As each message progressed I felt an eery sensation run through my body; this wasn't a practical joke and no telemarketer is that pushy to call almost 100 times. The voice progressed to showcase what I thought sounded like 'help me and I will help you'.

The day before at the office I was given several pieces to research the files on and I couldn't find the information on one of the pieces and remembered that I placed it in my coat pocket so I could show it to Deedee and see if she knew where the findings from the testing were?

I totally forgot that I had this piece in my jacket pocket, I never did show Deedee because I had the message on my mind when I went to see her and never put on my coat. When I got home and listened to all the messages, it finally hit me that the piece in my jacket pocket could have been the cause!

I went and got the piece out of my jacket and it was extremely hot and it was glowing. I channeled this piece to find that inside was the spirit of a warlock. The warlock told me his name was Perval, he has been trapped inside this piece for the past decade. A master warlock, who he was learning from, evoked him inside this piece when he disobeyed an order.

Perval has been trying to escape ever since, but the only way is to ignite an endowment of blessings upon the someone and once they are empowered with the majestic rituals their happiness will extract Perval from the piece to be free~

This piece was never tested by the whole group and that is why I couldn't find the file. I took the piece and the story of the messages on my answering machine to Deedee and she showcased that we will sell it without proclamning all the tests, because if he grants us a wish to prove his power that will extinguish a wish that should be available for the person who buys this item.

Perval was very kind to me and the answering machine was his way of connecting through radio waves and using the energies to trigger his voice to get my attention.

He is ready to bestow his abilities and strengths that he has been practicing while trapped of his warlock powers.

You can ask him for anything credited to occult magic and he will bless you with it because once you get 3 granted desires, Perval will be free to roam again ~

This is worth getting, make a connection and bond with Perval and unlock the majestic powers of endearment that can change your life! The piece is solid 18 karat gold with an elaborately crafted precious gem.