Witchery Item (and powerful relationship forecasting)

Witchery Item (and powerful relationship forecasting)

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I do, or do I~?

This is something of an extreme personal nature for Steve; that has always had his curiosity. Steve was briefly married from late in his 21st year, on through a few months before his 23rd birthday.

Steve and his ex were completely wrong for one another and should never have married, just like most couples, who are only married briefly.

Steve has always felt that he is an extremely perceptive person, meaning that he has heightened senses of awareness. The only way Steve realized that things were going badly in his relationship was because he could not only sense the distance between them, but he could see it as well. Steve is a big communicator, and she was not.

When Steve would try to communicate to her, and she would close herself off to him, not only would he feel the extreme void between them inside, but all at once he would perceive where they were with great distance too.

The room would stretch and he could actually both see and feel the distance between them. He did this with her on many occasions, and it would scare the hell out of him. Steve has also experienced other "things" in his life that made him question his sensory abilities, but with his ex wife it was the strongest he'd ever encountered.

After they divorced they stayed friendly and recently he felt he could tell her about these encounters that he used to have when they were together. She informed him that she had practiced witchery for years and spell cast him several times without his knowledge.

She knew their relationship wouldn't last and didn't feel the need to let him into her secret lifestyle. Her intent of putting spells on him showcased new visions to Steve that proclaimed him into the world of occult and brought him to find Haunted Curiosities!

We are all grateful that she did this and made him interested in finding out about her perceptions and visions.

Steve's ex gave him this piece that was the contentment item to show him the distance between them, she didn't want to hurt Steve and end the marriage, she wanted him to see this in visions and have him vocalize the problem; which is what happened.

This item was spell-cast to implement thoughts and indicate perceptions of truth upon a person when they are in the are of this piece.

You can use this to help you get your thoughts or visions across to others or to see what the outcome of a relationship will be. Look inside your own and others minds; their thoughts can be manipulated through this powerful piece of witchery ~

Steve wants others to be able to see what is going on, so they can prosper and not waste their time in a relationship that is going nowhere or that is not 50/50 --- this will work for so many situations, not just relationships.

Awesome piece of Steve's past journey that can utilize your future~!