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Retrieval of Dracula's Relatives

A few years ago, the descendants of the Habsburg monarchy confirmed that they want to sell the Transylvania castle that is linked to Dracula.

The family were turfed out of Romania's 14th-Century Bran Castle by the communists after World War II. It was returned to them in 2006 after a long legal battle.

But now Dominic Habsburg, a New York architect and son of the late Romanian Princess Ileana, says he is willing to sell it for $78 million.

The local council said it was willing to buy the castle, one of the country's top tourist attractions. They wanted to prevent the castle from being turned into a hotel or theme park.

Mr Habsburg insisted the family was "trying to find the best way to preserve the castle in the interest of the family and the people of Bran".

He said while the family welcomed the restitution of their asset, it had come with a "financial sacrifice" - the huge cost of upkeep. "We would like Castle Bran to remain a symbol of everything that is honorable and good in Romania," he told the Associated Press.

The castle rises dramatically from the forests in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, 105 miles north of Bucharest. It has been associated with inhabiting the spirit of vampire Count Dracula because the castle hosted the infamous Prince Vlad "the Impaler".

Deedee had the idea to fly over and visit the castle as an interested party looking to purchase. You had to showcase that you were able to afford the real estate and we knew of a good friend who was able to flip the bill.

When Deedee contacted him to see if he would run his financial information to help us, he was hesitant because he had no interest and didn't want to get caught up in the place and be bugged about it; Deedee assured him that he wouldn't be and that we would be able to investigate the castle without being forced into buying it.

Deedee is very persuasive and so Ronald, our wealthy friend, got busy signing the necessary forms to allow us a tour as a potential buyer.

The trip was amazing --- I am not a fan of flying, but dealt with the long, long flight to see the castle! The woman who showed us the place gave us some background information, showed us a few key rooms and then let us free to explore the place.

You can get lost in that place, it was incredible. I sensed intense turning in my stomach from the moment that I walked in. Deedee kept having flash visions of occult rituals being performed in a room with a lot of books.

As we went through the castle we discovered the room in her visions, the library. The room was filled with thousands of occult books filled with magic spells and we also saw vampiric symbols on the walls, hidden in mysterious pictures.

Deedee had a strong sensation that made her arm jolt out, it was an intense spasm; her arm hit a book and the shelf moved to reveal a small safe. Deedee saw three numbers flash in her head and she figured they must be the combo to the code, she tried the code and the safe unlocked!

Inside we found a variety of things; wands, knives, stones, crosses and scrolls with encrypted scripture. Although we were not interested in actually buying the place; we were interested in the content of the box.

We asked the woman who showed us the home if we would be able to purchase some of the piece; she said that the home would be sold with most of the furnishings, so she doubted they would sell anything separately. We showed her the box we found and she said she would contact the family and get back to us.

We left the castle and enjoyed the rest of our stay in the area roaming the lands investigating the energies of vengeance that surrounded us.

3 days after we visited the castle Deedee got a call from the "Realtor", that is not what they are called there, but I forget what her title was... anyway, she told us that the family did not recognize any of the pieces and thought that someone was playing a joke by trying to get more information; when they went to try and find where we had found teh secret box in the library they could not find anything.

They asked if Deedee would come back and show them where she found the pieces. We returned the next afternoon, got to meet the owner and when we went back to the library the book did nothing; no secret safe emerged ?! We were totally confused.

The man said, "just as I thought, you were sent here by Mackey, weren't you?', we had no idea who Mackey was, and said no. The man didn't believe us, shoved the box at us and kicked us out. He thought we were making something up to try and get a better deal on the castle.

His assumptions made us ecstatic ~ we got the box with all the amazing pieces inside. They have all been tested and hold immese variance of vampire and occult powers.

Some of the items were kept for Deedee's personal collection, some we sent as gifts, and Ronald kept a piece for his troubles, but the final piece is available for you!!

You will gain powers of heightened endurance and resistance; eye mesmerization; levitation, silence in movement, and be able to charge the souls of those you attack.

This piece holds spirits of the relatives of Dracula and are some of the most powerful items we have ever encountered. You will be granted visitation by the spirit that inhabits the particular piece you receive; they will guide you into the 'family' with secrets of the past and more powers that they will only share with someone who bonds with them and respects them for over a year... it is their determination of respect.

We have housed this piece for over 3 years now, and it has bonded with a few who have tested... we express our intent and showcase that they will be passed on to encompass and help empower the lives of occult enthusiasts~!

This piece is outstanding and hold dual magic; do not miss out!!