Solway Firth Spaceman

Solway Firth Spaceman

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'The Solway Firth "Spaceman"

**Original background story credited to hagbard_celine

On May 23 1964 Jim Templeton, a fireman from Carlisle, Cumbria, took his wife and 5 years old daughter out to on Burgh Marsh near the Solway Firth to take some photographs. They parked and walked out over a field with a lovely view. "All the animals on that particular day were away on the other end of the marsh, all huddled together, as though they'd been frightened." Jim said.

The weather was warm and sunny, and everything seemed normal. At a good spot they decided to take a photograph of his daughter in her new dress sitting with a bunch of hand-picked flowers. The snap taken, they moved off and took many more pictures of the walk.

A few days later Jim got his photographs back from the chemist. The man behind the counter said that it was a pity that the strange man in a costume had walked past had spoiled the best shot of Elizabeth holding a bunch of flowers. Jim was puzzled. There had been nobody else on the marshes nearby at the time. But sure enough, on the picture in question there was something odd: overlooking her left shoulder, at a canted angle, was what appeared to be a man in a bizarre all-in-one white suit with a tinted visor.

Now you might think -it was just someone walking by, or 'double exposure' - except that Templeton swears no-one else was there and he would NOT take a pic of his daughter with a spaceman sticking out of her head lol....and Kodak confirmed that the film had not been tampered with in any way. Indeed Kodak were so concerned that they offered a lifetime supply of film to anyone who could solve the mystery....Templeton then recalls how he was harassed by Men In Black for several weeks after the image became public.....

And just when you thought that was all - what happened next?

At Woomera in Australia the countdown to firing the unmanned 'Blue streak' missile was taking place on the same day the Templeton picture was taken....the launch was aborted when two of the controllers spotted two 'spacemen' wandering across the launch pad....the place was searched but nothing and no-one could be found - however the closing down of a multi-million pound launch was no 'small matter' - Fortunately the 'spacemen' were captured on film....some time later the two controllers saw the Templeton pic and swore that what they saw were men dressed in exactly the same outfits as in the pic with the little girl - the filmed images backed this up.

All of the recordings on the film are still available from Woomera - except one can of film....the one showing the spacemen....

Now it gets even more bizarre - the 'Blue Streak' rockets although used by Australia and launched from Australia were built in Britain - just three miles from where Templeton took the picture of his daughter.....remember all this happened on the same day but in two different parts of the world.

* We heard about this experience years back and once we saw the color pictures we were amazed by the astonishment of the picture and the adversity of paranormal activity that we knew occurred when this picture was taken.

After much research, we located the exact location where this photo was depicted and flew out to do an investigation. If paranormal activity occurs in a location, it normally remains in the vicinity, until someone who is able to capture the energy comes along.

This was a big case and so we were not sure if any other investigations by paranormal socities would have been performed. We knew that this was a chance we were taking, but if we found nothing... we would have had a nice vacation!

Deedee, Lindy and I went on this trip. The marsh land was almost botanical like, it had a beauty to it. We had the calculations of latitude and longitude figured out and used our equipment to get to the proper coordinates.

The immense energies that reside in this territory were unlike anything that I had ever experienced. These were not normal spirits lingering in the marsh; something was unique and just odd.

After encountering extremely strong readings on our EVP's and EMF machines we knew we would have to do a conjuring to detect what we felt.

This took over an hour to emerge any information from the energies that we felt. The spark that ignited the realization was a blue flash. It opened a portal that gave us the revelation that forecast a connectivity tunnel into the governments secret realm.

The conjuring allowed Deedee the chance to pull energy from the portal and invoke this piece with it's majestic power.

An incredible item that will grant the owner the ability to open the portal in their home and travel through it to other lands and learn secrets and knowledge that is kept from the commoners across the world.

This was why the astronaut looking man was not seen by the naked eye and was able to be in 2 places across the World within a matter of minutes.

You will never be captured by a knowing individual, unless you would be caught on a camera or recording device; so you may want to wear a mask if you are planning on causing chaos!

This is a remnant portal that will merge you into the secrets of the country in which you are a citizen and proximate the aspects of undoubted force that is within the blue flash portal.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hinder the power form this realm, do not let it pass you by!