Powerful Fairy Magic

Powerful Fairy Magic

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Enchanted Blessings ~

There is a reservoir in the middle of a small park that is about 2 miles from our office. Every year, like most people, we decide that it is time to start watching what we eat and start walking or doing some sort of exercise.

The park is the perfect point and goal marker for a ritual walk. We normally walk to the park and then rest for a while before journeying back.

Now that it is nice again, we just started this process... a few weeks ago on a nice day Steve and I went for the walk. After making the 2 mile hike, we sat down on benches around the water; while we were resting we saw facets of purple lights that seemed to be dancing on the water.

I blinked my eyes to make sure the sun wasn't making me see things, but saw it too; so I knew it was real.

We kept seeing the light get brighter and brighter and then we witnessed an amazing burst of illusive light and then small 'bugs' seemed to escape into the air.

I am not a fan of any bugs, so I was a little concerned when I saw them heading our way, but then as they neared we saw pretty little wings; these were fairies!

Steve suggested that we try and catch some, like we used to do as kids with fireflies.

It was hard, like when you try to get a hold of a butterfly -- but we eventually were able to capture 2.

They got placed in my empty water bottle, and we poked a few small holes so there was air circulating.

This was exciting and we couldn't wait to get back to the office and show Deedee!

Deedee said that we had to release them, but knew that we could get a wish from each to allow their escape. Deedee was able to send visionary thoughts so that the fairies would understand and she got flash visions of what they agreed too. They were able to give power to an item to grant them freedom.

We asked both to ignite the piece, you see below, with power. These infant fairies were instilled with incredible abilities in the womb, they gave this piece metamorphosing abilities. This gives the owner, the one who bonds with this piece, the opportunity to morph, levitate and change shape!

Since these fairies were new to the world, their powers are extremely pure and this piece will grant you ultimate power. The bond you will receive will be like that of a mother and its child --- the abilities will cling to you and work almost immediately!

This is an awesome piece --- Steve and I will never forget the day we caught fairies!