Infusion of Nature

Infusion of Nature

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The Green Man's Legacy ~

The Green Man can be said to lurk in the subconscious minds of anyone with an affinity for leafy, wooded, and bosky places --- he is known as the raw spirit of Nature.

The Green Man has a head constructed of leaves and vines, yet is depicted as being otherwise human. We learned after months of research that he is noted to have a sense of divine grace that holds the key to a prophecy of the Philosopher's Stone.

This was discovered by a Gypsy in the British Isles when she caught the Green Man in a trap she rigged in the woods on her lands. His wish was to be released and unharmed; the Gypsy, Lady Gamilo, meant him no harm ... she just wanted to prove that he was real. She had visions of him for years, and so many were doubtful of his existence.

The Green Man enjoys freely being unsought and secretive. He likes to perform deeds without knowledge that he was the blesser. Lady Gamilo could have taken photos, or had the police come and make a spectacle of the Green Man, but he proclaimed his wishes to remain in the shadows of the world and said he would bless her with power and knowledge if she would let him go.

Lady Gamilo was invoked with the attainment of rubedo, which is symbolized by the transmutation into gold. The alchemists often talk about ‘living gold’. The ‘living gold of the philosophers’ is the pure fire that is in the philosopher’s stone, or in the root humidity of nature which is completely penetrated by the fire. This is why the Green Man became knowledgeable of this feat.

The living gold is the fixated seed that vivifies the philosopher’s quicksilver and the matter of the stone, that is the root humidity of metals. It is a light that is clothed by a perfect, pure ethereal body.

It all sounds mystifying, but know that the living gold is actually pure consciousness, or pure awareness.

Lady Gamilo was granted this piece from the Green Man. The item is made from living gold that will fortify the owner with powers and bring both physical and astral success!

You will be able to look into the forest and see things of nature through new eyes; you will learn how each thing of nature has a force and can be used for immense power. You can infuse sulfur to be the essence of gold -- the piece is extraordinary and open to a limitless possibilities.

This piece is all part of a grander plan that will come true once you bond and experience the path that you should be on; it will showcase a blessing upon the broken road that you have strayed upon and help you utilize your new insight in nature to lead you to the mystifying attributes of magic and power~!