Lancea Longini Mysticism

Lancea Longini Mysticism

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Destiny Abides the Spear ~

Found on one of Emir's excursions in the Holy Lands, this piece is an artifact of Christ's last time on Earth. It is known as the Spear of Destiny which shares similarities with the Holy Grail. This spear is said to confer marvelous powers upon the owner.

The spear is known to be the piece that assured the physical death of Christ after the Crucifixion; this is a piece of the original spear.

The Spear is mentioned only once in Bible, in the Gospel of St. John. A fourth-century testament, The Gospel of Nicodemus, mentions the name of the soldier, Longinus, who used the Spear to pierce Christ. Therefore the spear is sometimes called the Lancea Longini, after this centurion.

This piece has been the subject of a similar unprovable provenance whenever it has appeared in the millenia since its initial sinister use.

The spear was said to have been taken be Adolf Hitler and has added to its reputation of evil influence. After it was retrieved back in Vienna... it was shattered into remnants.

The multiplied spear showcases pieces of in Rome, Armenia, Paris, and Vienna. To our knowledge this is the first piece to be on U.S. soil.

This is an extremely rare and unique collectible that will bring forth unknown power upon the person who wears this.

From the energy collected from testing we can tell this is dual magic; due to the extremity of darkness that may prevail from the evil doings of the spear, we did not fully extend our normal testing rituals.

We know there are many followers of black and dark magic that will love the opportunity to work with this amazing artifact of history!

Do not miss this chance to have a piece of the Lancea Longini!