Unisex Eroticism:  Rock the Bed

Unisex Eroticism: Rock the Bed

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Unisex Erotic Emblem~

The phallus is a symbol of male energy and creativity, and as an extrapolation of the idea of man as being made in the image of God. It is also the symbol of the life-giving principles of the male deity.

The phallus is a symbol of resurrection and new life, given the different states of the penis being 'asleep' or "awake."

Symbolized in many forms, most of them are obvious although they are not necessarily erotic. The phallus is essential to life.

Trees, towers, standing stones -- all have their phallic connotations as symbols of strength, support, and also as the foundation of life and the Universe.

The phallus is depicted as the upright lingam that stands in the shallow bowl that represents the yoni, the two sacred symbols working in tandem as the male and female energies.

This piece was generated from a Hindu Shrew to 'awaken' the arousal within you.

Empowered with extreme sexual energy, this piece will grant you, or the person you purchase it for, the immense growth in your sexual flow and energies. Everyone has a different sex drive -- some people are constantly horny, while others show no interest.

This piece will help save your relationship, by making your libido become like a phallus symbol and rise to the occasion!!

Make the bed rock :)