Infinite Internal Power Source

Infinite Internal Power Source

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The Breast is Best~

(glass blown body piece) The breast is the symbol of motherhood; it is the aspect of comfort, nourishment and abundance. It is also a symbol of beauty and fertility. The breast is the first point of contact for the newborn baby as he suckles his first food, milk.

A leader in Pandora power, Persia developed this piece by hand and created a mystical orb of power within the stomach of the piece.

The Egyptians believe that the stars of the Milky Way are milk spilling from the breasts of the Moon Goddess, who is the source of all the other stars.The representation showcases the initial proclamation of being in the womb and the introduction of development. Persia developed her power piece using the spirit of the Moon Goddess.

This piece will bond with you to implement a connection from the Universe that will absorb the internal energies that you were born with that have never been released.

We all have multiple attributes of power that are inside of us that are only developed through learning and knowledge; we have to understand that we have the talent before we can utilize it~

This piece is a talisman that will awaken the center of your soul and pull the majestic powers that were granted to you from birth.

Those who were breastfed will have more success with this item, however, we all hold this well of abilities that are unknown --- the breast milk helps hydrate the well and floods our body with the potential to be talented in areas we never thought imaginable!

When tested, we learned things about ourselves we never thought of. Steve opened up his talent to paint beautiful pictures, Deedee was infused with an understanding of how to fix cars and I was ratified with the gift to create furniture.

This item really connects the dots of the unity of what was placed within us at birth and allows abilities and talents to come forth and make you want to try new things that you will be good at!

A piece that can open amazing doors for you --- this is AWESOME!