Dual Existence Genie

Dual Existence Genie

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The Spirit of Uwasta~

The Genie Spirit Uwasta, is a magical spirit companion who is extremely advanced and experienced. He is actually a being that is two in one. He will give you many powers of dual magic. The Genie will bond with you and then absorb energies that will assist you in attracting wealth, money and your soul-mate.

Uwasta also protects you on your journeys; as he protects you from magical and psychic attacks, Uwasta will become your personal guide. The genie is very versatile and can assist you in many different fields of work, from both mundane tasks to metaphysical tasks you appoint to it.

With the aid of Uwasta, you will be able to unfold psychic abilities, increase your psychic sensitivity and improve the quality at which you can carry out magical occult practices.

This is the perfect piece to use as as a token to unlock your potential to become an occult master with the items you have in your collection.

If this is your first item you will be on a path of majestic spirituality and easily be able to continue on with magic with the help of the Genie emerged in this piece!

This is a pure magical item, and it is very safe and easy to use for any practitioner. Command the Genie Spirit Uwasta for assistance on any task or problem you are facing.