Powers of the Ice Princess

Powers of the Ice Princess

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The Ice Princess

The Ice Princess is 500 years old. She was preserved by the Inca's process of embalming. The process involved carrying a deceased person's sacrificed body to the top of a very tall mountain in the Andes. Once the body was on ice, it would be preserved-- you can think of it as a modern day freezer. This is the story that mummy hunters and archaeologists have conjured up to explain the existence of the mysterious ice queen.

Here's the problem. The Ice Princess can't orally communicate. She's a mummified dead person, who cannot speak for herself, and so has been the victim of assumption ever since she was discovered in 1995. That's not to say that she goes without any form of communication, though. You've just got to have the right person to communicate with her. That is where we come into play. A number of years back, we took an interest in the Ice Princess. We went to see her, which was a very surreal experience. We were also successful in persuading the night guards into letting us take a special tour at night. You know the kind where we perform a summoning procedure? Yeah, that kind.

Needless to say, our séance was highly successful, during which we were able to psychically communicate with the Ice Princess. Now here's the thing, she certainly wasn't of Inca descent. In fact, her people were a highly advanced race of beings that dwelt in a realm that exists beneath the crust of the Earth. She was accidentally spewed to the top during the eruption of a volcano in the Andes, that only her race of people would be able to survive.

She attempted to make due on her own on the top of the Earth, but unfortunately fell into a coma and eventually dried out and became petrified. In the meantime, her race of people continue to thrive beneath the surface of the Earth in a network of cities that puts human technologies and advancements look mediocre.

She took me to her realm, where she divulged many secrets to me. I underwent an inoculation ceremony during which my spirit was divined and infused with her form of alchemy that is her very existence. I have replicated the power into the piece that is shown here. With this power many things are possible. It is the power of magical creativity which will allow you to open up your mind to perceive all magics. You will also be able to create your own magic and live above physical and spiritual existence. In fact, you will be given a dual existence. I know you might be a bit confused, but trust me on this on, the piece will allow you comprehend everything that I have said to you.

In accordance with this power, you obtain the history of the race of the Ice Princess. You will obtain all the powers of the forefathers of the race, the secrets to their existence and religion, and also their ability to manipulate existence to achieve their innermost thoughts and desires. It's rather complex, and this knowledge is what you will receive.