An ORIGINAL Divinity Piece-- Rare Find

An ORIGINAL Divinity Piece-- Rare Find

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Cain's Amazing Grace~

Adam's two sons, Cain and Abel, grew up together, but they grew apart.

Cain followed in his father's footsteps as a farmer; Abel became a wandering shepherd. The seasons passed and the young men prospered, so each decided to offer God a gift.

Cain brought a portion of the crop he had labored to harvest among thistles and weeds. Abel brought some of the firstborn of the flock he had gazed on plains and hills.

As the offerings were ascending in smoke, it became apparent that God took notice of Abel's gift but ignored Cain's. Angered and hurt, Cain burned with wounded pride. He, a firstborn son, had been outstripped by his younger brother.

Though God warned Cain to master his rage, Cain turned it against his brother, and one day while in the field killed Abel.

When God asked Cain: "Where is your brother?" Cain's resentment turned to sarcasm: "I do not know; am I my brother's keeper?"

Cain's question made his story a symbol of the failure of human responsibility and affection.

As punishment for spilling his brother's blood and polluting the Earth, Cain was to live in the land of Nod, east of Eden --- cut off from God and the fertile Earth, which would no longer would yield him crops.

He was devastated and alone and had to survive off of his freedom and wit. He was the first to practice "magic"; really it was his repenting allowing God to bestow him with blessings.

To Cain he thought his solitude fortified the power upon him, but he really was in desperation and was blessed with divinity. Even those in dark corners are offered white light installments of amazement.

The area outside of Eden where Cain lived now houses a statue that is sacred and majestic. No one is certain who placed the stature there, but people travel their each year to visit and project their desires to hope for miracles.

Deedee and Lindy took a trip to visit the Isles of Divinity last year and when they saw the statue a glimmering light was shining upon the neck. There was a piece on a chain that was gleaming --- Lindy said they should get it, Deedee didn't want to disrupt the power, but Lindy climbed up and removed the necklace; it immediately sent a chill through her whole body.

She handed the piece to Deedee and visions kept flashing in her mind. This was a piece of ultimate divinity!!

The visions shown to Deedee let her know that this piece was meant to cross her path and they were going to be able to create an oracle of power for a deserving client.

In the last few months this has been worked with and monitored; this is for someone who is looking for the Holy Grail -- the ultimate connection to Heaven and the Angels --- this is power packed with all things pure and of white light.

You will encounter outlandish and fantastic prosperity through this piece of 'Amazing Grace'!