Spiritual Gifts from a Secret Soceity

Spiritual Gifts from a Secret Soceity

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Secret Society Reveals Itself in Spirit~

As you pass down the high ridge on the road that leads to Stoudsburg, PA, you come to a point where the hill slopes suddenly away form the road-side to and abrupt little valley beneath. At this place you can look almost directly down upon the steep-pitched roof and ample chimneys of an old farm-house, peeping cozily from its thick shade of trees.

The road leading down the mountain-side runs along in front of the house, and then drops away into the valley beneath.

We were exploring the area because we received a call about spirit sightings; the area just seemed secluded and lonely. The whole house, even from a far seemed lonely -- I guess it was because it was shut in by the surrounding hills.

The home was abandoned, but we learned that the old farmer who had owned the place was a tough, homespun old fellow. He died a few years ago and the place has just been deteriorating ever since.

There weren't any posted signs saying we could not enter, so we went inside and explored the home. It was a treasure chest, a cove of mystical pieces!

Within the home were hundreds of spirit inhabited items; Deedee, Steve and I took the piece you see here and wanted to go back later to get more when we had more equipment to sanction which pieces held the strongest abilities. We returned 2 days later to find no house!!

We had the exact location from the sexton that is programmed on Deedee's phone to give the coordinates; so we were baffled. It was all just woods ~ our only explanation is that we must have entered a portal and were in another realm when we found the house!?

Regardless, the piece we initially took with us are here in our realm and is a fascinating item that you will love!!

This item holds spirits of members of the Council of Luminosity; the members will infuse the adorner of each piece with their embedded powers that brought their secret society together.

You will optimize the powers of: levitation, mind over matter projection, astral travel and psychokinesis.

The members want their facets of power to continue on.... so you will not be disappointed!