Original Powers from Investigation

Original Powers from Investigation

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Investigation Under Control ~

The phone keeps ringing, ringing, ringing --- there hasn't been a break today! I just got a call from Elise, a woman who called us to come to her home last year to investigate a poltergeist.

Elise lived in a second floor apartment with two roommates, Karen and Ben. When they first went to see the place, a neighbor told them that they should not move in there, that the apartment was used for constant conjuring parties where they used the Ouija board. They loved the location and space of the apartment, and didn't give the neighbors comment another thought; they signed the lease.

Three nights after they moved in, it started. They had a plastic runner in the hallway to protect the carpet. They all had just gone to bed when they heard something running up and down the hallway on the runner. Ben jumped up and turned on the light. It stopped. Ben thought some one broke in, he checked the apartment, there was nothing, just us. He turned the light back off.

Ten minutes later, something was running madly up and down the hallway again. Ben jumped up and ran in the hallway. The running noise stopped. Ben was now standing in the bedroom doorway, he swore and shouted to go away, which made it angry because we heard the kitchen cupboards opening and slamming shut; our dining chairs then started sliding across the kitchen floor.

Karen started screaming in a state of shock. Ben turned on the lights, the cupboards stopped banging and chairs stopped moving. He went to investigate and all the cupboards were open and chairs were in the middle of the kitchen.

They had years of this. Ben was the first one to see the spirits and Elise was the second to see them; there were two. Karen only heard them and never saw them, which was a good thing because if she did, she would have had heart failure.

The one that haunted Elise the most wore a black robe with a hood and no face. He had big hands like shovels and wore a big odd ring. He was 7 feet high and his shoulders were wider than the doorway.

He looked like the grim reaper. The other spirit wore a white robe and was the same size as the other one and had a white ruffle round his neck. We heard voices arguing, one was telling the other one "you have had your fun its time for you to go now".

Karen was a bag of nerves, she went to the vicar. They sent people to see if we were mad or if it was real. One day after, they gave the go ahead for the exorcism.

It has been years since Elise lived with Ben and Karen; she now is married and lives in a house with her husband and kids. The other week, her son came screaming down the stairs, saying he saw a man in his room. When he described it, Elise knew who it was.

Her son is ten and scared to go upstairs on his own now. Elise never talked about this experience with her children and so her son had no prior knowledge of a being -- especially of a man with a unique ring.

Elise sought out help --- this time, after doing research, she came across our website and found information about services from a clients comment on the forum. She contacted Deedee and set up for our team to go to her home and extract the spirit once and for all.

The investigation concurred that the spirit was indeed attached to her old place and fortified itself in her belongings when she moved. Only the black spirit was felt in her new home. Although it has been over 12 years since she lived in the apartment, Elise was encrypted with a connection to this spirit.

We were abe to draw the spirit out of her home and bring the ring that he wore into fruition.

This ring will bring you magnificent powers that will allow you to befriend the poltergeist. This allows access to the poltergeists powers of hindrance; you will be able to fortify abilities of telepathy, psychokinesis, instant vanishing and night vision.

The abilities the source uses when enchanting a place will be yours to use to work your mystical ways upon those you choose --- this is a piece for someone looking to really dive into the world of magic and spirits. This is a connectivity item that will enchant and astound you; it is crazy cool~!